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Custom Entry Residential Door Design Jules Lavirotte – HRD998


Custom Door Design from modern art nouveau – Our original craft door, based off famous architect Jules Lavirotte, is one of our most requested designs. Rich with history, our lead designer, H.J. Nick, adapted Lavirotte?s ironwork, and added a wide contemporary arch, to create a custom exterior door that brings flare and whimsy to any home.


Paris 1899 – French Door Design for a Changing Era


Jules Lavirotte Door
Door of Art Nouveau Building, 29 Avenue Rapp


In the 19th century, many artists, craftsmen, and architects became discouraged by the amount of poorly made objects imitating earlier periods. Good craftsmanship was being neglected, and Lavirotte was among those who sought to establish a unified visual vocabulary that moved away from industrial production. After studying at the most prestigious school in France, the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Lyon, he went on to create nine buildings, still standing today in Paris. His most famous exterior door design, located at 29 Avenue Rapp, incorporates whimsical wrought iron grills and daring curves along the window frames and wood carvings.


Custom Size Entry Doors with Sidelights
You Help Design It from Start to Finish


Using art nouveau as inspiration, our master blacksmiths carefully hand forge each curve and curl of the window grill to fit seamlessly into the overall design. The door pull is adapted to blend along the side of the bottom window, and the door hinges add exceptional flare. Experience french design made in our American factory, with a promise of superior craftsmanship you can trust – guaranteed to last forever.

To view one of our variations, please see item 3249JL.


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