Hardware: Blacksmith Hand Forged Door And Cabinet Hardware

Fine Art Custom Hardware Made In The USA

Built To Stand The Test Of Time

About Hand Forged Custom Hardware

At ArtFactory.com we design and build custom fine art hardware. Each product is handcrafted from solid hand forged wrought iron, and hand tooled by master blacksmiths. Each products is hand forged by our master blacksmiths in America, using hammer, anvil and coal fired forge. We do not make prefabricated, fast process, hollow steel, powered coated, or faux painted products.

All solid metal products are hand forged, and hand patina finished to world class fine art standards. A labor intensive process is for those who truly desire to possess the best quality iron railing available anywhere world wide. Choose from historic and modern designs built in the same hand and materials as the original historic works. Each design is certified fine art and signed by world renowned artist and designer, H.J. Nick.

About ArtFactory.com Custom Wrought Iron Hardware

Each iron product is handcrafted from solid hand forged wrought iron, and hand forged by our master our blacksmiths. Our American blacksmiths build custom wrought iron hardware using old world techniques. This guarantees a quality of product that will stand the test of time. We hand patina each hand forged iron piece using our exclusive proprietary heat applied, iron oxide process. This age old finish process advances the natural patina to make it virtually maintenance free and become better with age. At ArtFactory.com our master blacksmiths create heirloom quality custom furnishings and hardware that will stand the test of time for your home or business.

Educating Our Customers on Quality Craftsmanship

It is our experience when most people are shopping for iron products they seldom ask the “right” questions - resulting in poor choices and loss of investment. This is due to the current fast process fake and temporary fabricating for profit environment.

Artfactory.com and artist H.J. Nick take pride in educating every one of our dealers and customers alike. This means full transparency, and correct information explained by our in house architects and engineers. This allows the facts about how each product is made to be evaluated with no sales hype.

Hand Built in America by Master Craftsmen to Last Forever