Glass Textures: We Offer A Wide Variety Of Glass Choices

At we offer a wide variety of decorative glass choices including colored, etched, and even genuine hand cut stained glass. We also offer a wide variety of clear glass textures that are extremely popular with our customers who are looking to add a subtle yet stylish twist to their glass panel doors. Clear textured glass, also known as architectural glass, is available in a wide variety of textures, designs, and decorative patterns.

These glass textures are great for sidelights, transoms, Dutch doors, or any other type of door or window where added privacy, or a reduction in sunlight is necessary. These textures add an artistic element to any simple design, and are also an excellent background for any of our hand cut stained glass products. The example photos below show all or our most popular varieties of glass textures, and any of them can be added to any of our products that include glass panels.


Max Size 78" x 100"


Max Size 48" x 72"

Delta Frost

Max Size 63" x 84"

Cross Reed

Max Size 72" x 96"


Max Size 72" x 96"


Max Size 72" x 96"

Glue Chip

Max Size 60" x 84"


Max Size 61" x 83"


Max Size 72" x 96"

Wissmach Seedy

Max Size 32" x 84"


Max Size 72" x 96"

Euro Flemish


Pattern 62 Glass

The Right Glass Choices For Your Individual Needs

Choosing the right glass for your needs based on things such as climate and elevation are essential when choosing what type of glass is best for you.

Clear or Decorative Door and Window Glass: Thermal insulated and tempered clear glass panels or non insulate safety plates are available. All glass panels are also available argon gas filled, low E, or laminated for hurricane codes. We offer all types and thickness of glass, and decorative glass samples are available.

Hand Etched or Stained Glass: You may have your special art work hand etched in any glass. We also offer all types and thickness of beveled glass, and many colors of art glass, simply ask for samples.

Bullet Resistant Glass: Also known as "ballistic glass", we offer this option for those who are in need of maximum security. This type of glass is ideal for specialty (usually commercial) use, such bank teller windows, jewelry stores, and casino cashier stations.

Please note, that at altitudes of 4500 feet or higher, breathing tubes are required so please specify your altitude to your representative. Call us today at 1-800-292-0008 to have one of our experts help you design the custom door or widow of your dreams.