The Making Of An Custom Solid Wood Door Video

Learn How Art Factory Doors Are Built and Function

Order Our Custom Doors & Gates Pre Hung They Will Install In Hours Not Days As Shown (See Install Video Next)

We can arrange a timed shipment so the customers contractor can meet their delivery truck. Our pre hung custom doors arrive in a structural jamb designed to hold the house up. Not the house holding the door up. Every piece of hand forged decorative hardware, working hardware, seals, hinges, locks, glass etc. comes precision installed from our American factory.

Our doors come with a many process finish requiring little maintenance and no refinishing. Allowing for a beautiful patina that will age with grace and last forever with a periodic cleaning of oil.

We Use Hand Forged Wrought Iron & Full Length Natural Desert Air Cured Timber

We’ve been in business over ten decades and, given today’s emphasis on fast-process techniques, customers still call in skeptical that we actually make everything by hand using real blacksmiths, wood carvers, and stone and leather smiths, along with other master craftsman. We make everything in our own factory, located right here in the United States in Scottsdale, Arizona, and we ship worldwide. When you give us a call, if you listen close, you may just hear a craftsman in the background hammering away.

Discover What’s Behind Our Handmade Doors and Custom Furniture Designs:

In our video, we invite you to take a look at our master craftsman and blacksmiths using old world techniques to create investment quality doors, gates, furnishings, wrought iron door hardware, and more. All Guaranteed to Last Forever.