Fireplace Mantels: Custom Blacksmith Forged Iron Screens

Custom Fireplace Mantels Hand Built in America by Master Craftsmen To Last Forever

Fine Art Certified Custom Fireplace Mantels

The difference between investment quality and disposable products is in the details, such as the wood finish. Our finishes are hand rubbed using a many step open grain color infusion process. These finishes are hand rubbed, with curing times between each process. This includes multiple steps to infuse the stain colors into the grain of the wood. Additional, multiple processes of lacquer, waxes, and oils allow the finish to be part of the wood not just on the surface. This allows for by simply cleaning with oils to create a natural patina that will improve in appearance over time. We offer hundreds of different finish color choices. Unlike paint, sprays, or urethanes these finishes will not fade, flake, or chip over time. All of this adds up to a finish that will stay beautiful for generations with little or no maintenance. 

Our custom furniture products are fine art quality certified, and designed by award winning artist H.J. Nick. Each product is built under the supervision of, and signed by H.J. Nick as meeting all world class fine art qualifications. Our fireplace mantels and custom hand forged screens are available in any size, style, or finish. Handmade by our American craftsmen, using old world techniques, we create custom items that will give your home "the WOW factor". Everything is custom made to order. We offer the finest custom furniture available anywhere at any price, and guarantee everything forever. Further customize your product with hand carved designs, custom hardware, or granite tops. The choices are endless when you order your custom fireplace mantels and decorative iron screens from We also make complete matching sets and can match a hand carved fireplace mantle to any of our hand carved living room furniture. Call us at 1-800-292-0008 to speak with one of our design engineers, and start on on the custom fireplace of your dreams.

High Quality Furnishings Are Never Made With Fake Materials

High quality furnishings are never made from plywood, laminates, veneers, particle board or designed to fit in a box. High quality, solid wood products are never pre-made, glued, stapled, or built using any other fast process. The finest furniture is always handmade, using tried and tested old world techniques such as hand hewn, mortise and tenon joinery. The best wood furnishings are made from naturally air dried, genuine solid wood. These types of master handcrafted products are built to last forever. Fine quality products are never meant to be disposable , or end up in a garage sale or a landfill. These types of items only get better with age, and gan in value with time. These fine quality furnishings require little to no maintenance because they are built to stand the ultimate test, that given by father time. At we build custom furniture furniture that ages like a fine wine. Building investment quality home furnishings that are destined to become family heirlooms and collectible antiques is our passion.

Educating Our Customers on Quality Craftsmanship

It is our experience when most people are shopping for wood furnishings they seldom ask the "right" questions. This results in choices that will lead to a loss of investment opportunity. and accredited artist H.J. Nick take pride in educating every one of our dealers and customers, with full transparency. from the correct information sources. This allows the pertinent facts about how each product is manufacture, where it is manufactured at, and what type of materials it is constructed from to be evaluated with no sales hype.