Guarantee & Satisfaction Warranty

Our custom doors, gates, furniture, lighting, and furnishings are backed by over a century of fine craftsmanship and our forever guarantee.

On the remote chance that any of our handcrafted items don't stand the test of time, we will replace or repair them at no cost to you. This is not just some industry warranty with a lot of fine print, this is our forever guarantee.

We have proven with our quality of work and long history that we can indeed afford such a warranty. Our confidence in our custom furnishing design and manufacturing has been proven by the passing of time and experience through our large customer base.

Specific exceptions include but are not limited to: all outsourced products, certain hardwoods used for the exterior, and items manufactured by others such as glass, hinges, locks etc. Customer choices made out side SAF recommendations will void your warrantee.

This simply means if we make any mistakes on your custom designed furniture, door, gate, or custom hardware, or if something goes wrong structurally with any item you order, we will make it right at our expense. Furthermore, each product produced by has a patent stamp with our toll-free number appearing on it.

No matter what the problem, excluding acts of God, insured perils, or consumer abuse or customer choices out side SAF recommendations will repair or replace any product displaying our stamp at no charge to you "forever", no matter if you have the receipt or not, or were not the original purchaser (due to special process exclusive to our manufacturing, all repairs must to be performed at our facility - you simply pay all freight charges round trip).

This is a structural guarantee only on all cedar cypress and non moving iron products. Items not covered are, but are not limited to: finishes, glass, fabrics, locks, hinges, leathers and other expendable items not manufactured by, unless otherwise written specifically on your invoice at the time of purchase.

because furnishings hand built from the finest natural materials by master craftsmen do not really need warranties; they will truly stand the test of time. This is what is meant by investment quality, family heirloom products destined for antiquity. The Marbella family and direct descendants such as H. J. Nick still operate this company with the same principals as when the Marbella brothers began. Our old fashioned business ethics are a family tradition. They firmly believed, as we do today, that each item produced should stand on its own merits and quality materials.

Written on each invoice are these words: "All invoices are non-cancelable. However, all items are satisfaction guaranteed at point of delivery. If items are not as represented, customer may return on a per item basis at that time for a full refund and paid round trip freight cost or we will rebuild correctly. All items are full warranty and guarantee and all policies as written in catalog are in full effect." This means if each item is not as represented, if it does not meet the specifications on your approved plans or the description on your contract, you accept "No Risk or Hassle". This means your products are guaranteed to be the quality that was represented. This does not cover freight damage, or other specific finish or design warranties covered by our freight and design policies. The full intention of our guarantees and warranties is you get what you paid for with no worries of slight of hand tactics practiced by so many unscrupulous companies.

All guarantee/warranty service, if required, is performed at our factory facility located in Scottsdale, Arizona. In the event of it being determined feasible by (on a per case basis) at their discretion, a minor field correction is possible under these warranties. Local outsourcing may become an option if it's determined that a repair can be made on location. It is at the sole discretion of to determine who is authorized to perform this work and written permission, signed by a manager or CEO, must be obtained prior to any actions being taken (verbal agreements, if any are perceived, will not be recognized). This notice is strictly enforced and non compliance will result in all warranties being void and non-reimbursement of any repair cost incurred by the customer. Note: due to the instability of some materials, limited warranties may apply. See your specific invoice for details.

Heat applied, iron oxide, hand patina finished iron work (no powder coating or faux paint on iron finishes) is virtually maintenance free. This does not mean the iron will not surface rust. It does mean that it will not erode or rust to dust if you do simple cleaning maintenance such as apply oils. If you see natural oxidation and you wish to not have this natural patina process occur, it is a simple process to clean it up by brushing the iron piece or using steel wool and adding any kind of oil rub. All moving parts such as hinges, locks, slide bolts etc. must be kept oiled or greased. It is dealer/customer responsibility for this kind of simple maintenance. With out oil our 90 day Guarantee on moving metal parts may not apply.

Contact us to discuss our forever guarantee and let us address any questions you may have regarding our handcrafted fine art furnishings at 1-800-292-0008.