Design Inspirations: Designs Inspired By Historic Artists And Architecture

At we believe the even today, the greatest designs and feats of architecture come from history. That is why we continue to craft all of our custom doors, gates, and home furnishings using the forgotten techniques of the old world. Building disposable and fast process items is something that is unique to only the past hundred years of history. Up until the middle of the 20th century, craftsmen built things to last forever. We still believe in that theory today. When so often times today, quality is eschewed so that things can be made quickly or cheaply, our theory is that real value is built through quality craftsmanship. In other words, you will never build any value buying something that was designed to be thrown away.

Many of architectures greatest historic feats can still be seen today, because when they were built, they were built to last. When kings would build the doors and gates that protected their palaces and fortresses they didn't build them to be replace. As can be seen throughout the coming pages, many of these doors have stood for centuries. These doors were built with a fortress strength that has allowed them to stand the test of time. Even through modern wars and natural disasters.

World Renowned Artist H.J. Nick's Thought's About Historic Design Inspirations

Example of Greene and Greene architecture - Gamble House -(David B. Gamble House) constructed 1908-09 Courtesy: Martin Green via

We also believe that the greatest styles and designs are those that are based on the great designs of the past. That is why we have done things the same way since 1913! World renowned artist H.J. Nick is a firm believe that all creative people are dependent upon the groundwork laid down by those who came before them. He draws inspiration from many artists of the past naming everyone from Leonardo DaVinci to Jules Lavirotte among his influences. His true passion lies in the American Arts and Crafts movement of the early twentieth century.

Building on the tradition of his grandfather Joe Marbella Sr. (who worked with some of the great architects of that era including Greene and Greene and Frank Lloyd Wright) at he has raised the bar of quality even higher. Thus setting a new standard and offering the finest one-of-a-kind handmade furnishings found anywhere in the world in the 21st century. H.J. Nick is a strong believer in American craftsmanship. He and his family are committed to the advancement of the fine arts through high quality American craftsmanship.

About Our Wood Products

hand carved lodge doors

All doors are mortise and tenon joined.

When you buy a door, gate, dining table, or any other product from we build it to be the last one that you will ever need to buy. That is why we only build wood products from solid, natural hardwoods. Master craftsmen hand build each product that comes out of our factory to fine are specifications. Our builders mortise and tenon join each product to stand the test of time. We never fasten products with glue, scarf joints, or any other fast process.

We source only all natural, American, timber. Furthermore, our wood dries naturally in the hot dry Scottsdale, Arizona air. Never kiln or force dried. This natural drying process allows for a quality of wood that will stand the test of time. Additionally, we finish each product using a multi-step, hand rubbing process to fine art standards. These finishes are actually rubbed into the pours of the wood and will never flake off or crack like powders and paints.

About Our Metal Products

All of our hardware and metal products are hand forged by master blacksmiths using fire, hammer, and anvil. Nothing from our shop is ever cast, drop forged, or made using any other fast process. We forge these items only in pure, solid, high quality metals. None of our products are hollow, or made using cheap filler metals or steel. Specifically, we prefer wrought iron. Steel will rust, corrode, and flake away to dust over time. Meanwhile, wrought iron builds a patina and only looks better as time goes on.

While we prefer wrought iron, we can make items using copper or any other this solid, pure metal. This includes precious metals including gold, silver, and platinum. All of our hardware items are explicitly detailed, and each is a unique, one of a kind piece that is never mass produced. Each item also receives a hand applied, fine art finish. Specifically, we our products are finished with a heat applied, iron oxide patina. Our blacksmiths apply these finishes at over 1000 degrees so that they will bond to the metal and never fade. Most important, these finishes are available in any color, and will remain vibrant for years to come.

Historic Design Inspirations For You

If you haven't yet, check out our Shop where you can view thousands or examples of products that we have created for our customer. Feel free to request a quote on any of these designs or use them as inspiration for your own. Looking for something truly and uniquely yours? Send us in a drawing or a photograph of whatever it is that you are looking for and we can make it for you. Our ability to create is limited only by your ability to imagine.

If you are looking for further design inspirations, then look to the pages below, and you will find hundreds of examples of design inspirations from history. See and learn about castle doors that have stood in Europe since medieval times. View unique and famous furniture from the display of the Metropolitan Museum. See the greatest works from the American Arts and Crafts Movement such as The Gamble House and The Blacker House.

Choose your favorite, and then let world renowned artist H.J. Nick redesign it in original hand and craft for you. These are not reproductions. Each piece that is stamped with the H.J. Nick seal is a certified work of original fine art. It will have been master crafted to exact historically correct specification as the original would have been made. Every product that comes out of our factory is built to fine art standards with future antiquity value. To top it all off, we guarantee everything forever. True, heirloom quality merchandise to pass down for generation to come.

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