Huot House Door Émile André: French Art Nouveau Style Doors

At, award winning artist and designer H.J. Nick builds fine art quality doors inspired by history, but with his own modern twist. These doors are not reproductions, but are instead unique, original works of art built using the same craft and materials as the original inspirations from history. Among H.J. Nick's favorite artistic movements was the Art Nouveau style of the late 19th and earlier 20th century.

As can be seen in our wide collection of doors inspired by Art Nouveau pioneer Jules Lavirotte, the style from this period is quite extravagant. Among the characteristics of the Art Nouveau style are irregular or asymmetrical designs, and excessive ornamentation. While the movement which lasted from roughly about 1890-1910 was copied throughout Europe during the period, most of the best known Art Nouveau architecture arose from France, with artists such as Lavirotte, Hector Guimard, and Alexandre Bigot.

Huot House in Nancy, France

By François BERNARDIN - Own work, CC BY 3.0,

About The Huot House Door By Émile André

While Paris, the capital of France was the cradle of the Art Nouveau movement, the small city of Nancy (population of roughly 100,000 in this time period) had architecture that was renowned on the same level as Parisian architecture. In spite of it's comparatively small size, this region was among the most enthusiastic about Art Nouveau, as many local artists adopted the style as well.

Among the most famous Art Nouveau buildings in Nancy is the Huot House by Émile André. The house, which also features stained glass by Jacques Gruber was built in 1903, on a street next to a railroad. The famous, blue entrance door to the house features all of Art Nouveau's classic characteristics, including lavish ornamentation, and exquisite ironwork with decorative vine branches that span the door's glass panels.

Art Nouveau Inspired Entrance Doors By H.J. Nick

Huot House door

By Jean-Pierre Dalbéra from Paris, France - Maison Huot de style art nouveau (Nancy), CC BY 2.0,

Fine art doors inspired by famous architecture from antiquity. Get your very own masterpiece today, based on this famous 1903 Huot House Door in Nancy, France. Renowned artist and designer H.J. Nick builds original, fine art quality doors inspired by famous designs from history.

These doors are built from only the highest quality materials, by the hands of master craftsmen. This means solid, full length, naturally air cured timber, hand hewn with mortise and tenon construction. Fine art quality hardware made from solid, pure wrought iron, and hand hammered over a coal fired forge by master blacksmiths. Thick, tempered, dual pane glass panels, transom, and sidelight windows.

Each door that is certified with the H.J. Nick seal is guaranteed to be of heirloom quality, with future value in antiquity. Choose to have us build you a modern interpretation of this famous Huot House door, or choose from literally any other design from history!

Custom Art Nouveau Door

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custom Art Nouveau Style doors

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custom Art Nouveau door

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