Craftsman Lighting Inspirations: Greene and Greene Chandeliers

Craftsman Inspired Lighting

Outdoor lamp on the back porch.

If you are already a fan of the American Arts and Crafts then you are undoubtedly familiar with Greene and Greene architecture, and The Gamble House. For those who aren't, The Gamble House is a famous American Craftsman House in Pasadena, California. Constructed by architects Charles and Henry Greene in 1908, it was originally the winter residence of David and Mary Gamble of The Proctor and Gamble Corporation. In 1978 it was designated as a national historic landmark. It is currently operated by the University of Southern California, and is open for public tours. Source:

Craftsman Lighting Inspirations: Redesigned By H.J. Nick

craftsman lighting pendant chandelierAmong the most recognizable features are the breathtaking stained glass chandeliers. While there are plenty of cheap imitations on the market today, at we make REAL Craftsman Lighting built in the same hand and craft as the originals. When H.J. Nick redesigns classic lighting styles, such as those inspired by Greene and Greene and The Gamble House, he builds it to historically correct as it would have been built in 1908.

This means fixtures that are built from solid wood with mortise and tenon joinery and solid hand forged wrought iron. All lighting is hand built, and iron is forged by master blacksmith using hammer and anvil. Nothing from our shop is every cast or drop forged. Stained glass is oven baked and hand cut. Each custom chandelier is a unique and original work of art. Crafted to fine art standards and built to stand the test of time are the hallmarks of every product that bares the H.J. Nick stamp. Don't settle for fakes and cheap reproductions, when nothing but the best will do!


  1. Bill K. on February 18, 2018 at 6:13 am

    Meticulously crafted with the best components available.

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