The Anatomy Of A Door That Is Built To Stand The Test Of Time

Anatomy Of A Door

Mechanical Door Sweeps

The anatomy of a door goes beyond just the structural frame, and door blade. Using only top quality hardware is essential in ensuring that your entrance doors will stand the test of time. At we use a special heavy duty adjustable pressure mechanical door sweep produced by one of the world's top manufacturers, specifically for our solid wood doors. These sweeps are built with the ability to fit doors that are 3" - 12" thick. These mechanical door sweeps replaces the old fashioned and obsolete rubber drag sweep.

Crush Resistant Threshold

The threshold is a very important element in making sure your door seals perfectly every time. We also offer a heavy duty, crush resistant threshold with adjustable rubber seal ladle. This door hardware should not be confused with ordinary hardware normally found on most production or semi-custom doors. The hardware from has been specifically chosen to accommodate our ultimate custom doors and gates.

Dead Bolt Lock has this special heavy duty dead bolt lock produced by one of the world's top lock manufacturers, specifically for our extra thick solid wood doors. This dead bolt lock is built with the ability to fit doors that are 1" - 8" inches thick, without special adapters or breech in strength. The bolt slide is larger than that of a simple production dead bolt. This tungsten steel long dead bolt lock allows for additional strength and security.

Wrought Iron Strap Hinges

This solid wrought iron castle style strap hinges are hand crafted by our in-house master level blacksmiths using hand forged tried and tested techniques. Solid wrought iron door hinges that are coal fired and anvil hammered to shape into uniques design inspired by historic castle door hardware. Available in any size, style and finish, these designer door hinges can be custom fabricated in any design you can dream up.

Hand Forged Iron Clavos

These are hand-forged, hand hammered clavos that are used in our modern times as decorative nails. You may order these clavos for both sides of your door, and in any size or diameter. These crude, or decorative handmade wrought iron nail heads have been hand patina finished and sealed.  Our custom clavos will not damage your door like other nails that have a similar appearance.


We are a custom wood door and furniture manufacturer that specializes in building custom solid wood doors the old fashioned way, by hand. Our wood is naturally air dried to create custom wood door designs that are guaranteed forever. Handmade by master craftsman with mortise and tenon joinery for construction that will stand the test of time. Enhance the beauty of your interior or exterior with hand carved entryways built by master craftsmen and inspired by history.

Educating Our Customers on Quality Craftsmanship

It is our experience when most people are shopping for wood furnishings they seldom ask the "right" questions resulting in poor choices and loss of investment. Learning about important details such as the anatomy of a door helps our customers to better understand the different between our master handcrafted custom entrances, and cheap imitations that are sold by big box retailers. and artist H. J. Nick take pride in educating every one of our dealers and customers with full transparency and correct information and sources allowing the facts about how each product is made to be evaluated with no sales hype.

High Quality Furnishings Are Never Made From Cheap Materials

All high quality, hand made, solid wood products are never pre-made fast process glued, stapled, veneers or mystery wood and made to fit in a box for easy shipping. The best wood furnishings are made from natural air dried, solid furniture quality wood handmade by a master craftsman using age old tried and tested mortis and tenon joints, pegged and doweled methods, using several process hand finishes that are not just sprayed on. Hand crafted wood furniture and furnishings are built to last forever, always getting better and gaining value with time, and require little to no maintenance like any fine, investment quality, collectible antique.

Handmade In The USA By Master Craftsmen To Stand The Test Of Time