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Clavos Hand Forged – CHF1

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Hardware Hand Forged Wrought Iron Clavos

The photos shown in this section are designed to help you understand each piece of necessary hardware and its function in relation to its design elements.

Hand Forged Nails / Clavos and Matching Corners

As shown here, these are hand-forged, hand made nails used in our modern times as decorative nails. You may order these clavos for both sides of your door in any size diameter. These crude decorative hand made wrought iron nail heads have been hand patina finished and sealed, and will not damage your new door like other nails that appear the same might.

Hardware Fully Installed and Finished

When you order a pre-hung door with hardware, etc., everything you order comes fully installed and finished. All working door hardware is patina color matched to your decorative hardware.

Our High Quality Handcrafted Hardware

This door hardware should not be confused with ordinary hardware normally found on most production or semi-custom doors. The handcrafted artisan hardware created at ArtFactory.com has been specifically chosen to accommodate our ultimate custom doors and gates.

Contact one of our design engineers today to discuss your custom door hardware at 1-800-292-0008.


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