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custom handcrafted doorsWe offer all design styles in doors, furniture, gates, lighting or other design elements, simple or complicated, at affordable factory direct prices. Available custom designed furnishings styles include: Neolithic, Modern, Period, Classical, Early Modern Europe, 19th Century, Early North American, Modernism, Southwestern, Western, Cabin, Lodge, Rustic, Craftsman Eco-design, Contemporary, Asian, and much more.

Contact ArtFactory.com at 1-800-292-0008 to discuss your custom designed creation today. No Extra Charge for Design or Redesign. We are a design-to-your-request creative arts manufacturer of handmade in America, "Original Craft", investment quality, family heirloom furniture, doors, gates, lighting, and hardware. We offer classic and antique restoration services to world-class, investment, museum quality craftsmanship. Shipping worldwide since 1913.

We Accept Your Design Ideas

You may create your own masterpiece one-of-a-kind product. Some custom design ideas may include a hand carved door, pool table, office desk, entertainment center, bedroom suite set, dining room table, fine art entrance doors, first impression estate gates, or hand forged chandelier, and more. Even without you being an artist or professional designer, these ideas can be furnished to our designers in the form of photos, drawings, and any other way that gets the commutation to allow our draftsmen to understand, draw and create your dream one of a kind product that is built by our classically trained, world-class master craftsmen.

Your Design Ideas for Custom Furnishings

Your ideas can be derived from anywhere. We do not infringe on anyone's patent or copyrights. This means we do not offer "exact copy" of others' designs. However, most of these current mass produced designs have been copied from long standing original designs that were once made to last forever from custom hand makers such as ourselves.

Logos, special marks, trademarks, etc., can only be used if you have the right to use them. We must have written permission from the owner of each logo, trademark, etc., allowing us apply the item on your specific product.

All customer provided photos become the property of Scottsdale Art Factory, LLC. to be used in any manner to achieve your design goals. Please let us know if the photos you are providing are copyright protected. Even though we make every effort on all customer provided photos to check if they are copyrighted with the US copyright office, we may fail in this process on occasion. It is never our intention to use someone's copyrighted photo. If one appears on our web site due to this design commutation process, please advise us and it will be removed immediately.

Even though we go to the extent, as part of our policy, to not exact-copy anyone's work as a common courtesy, we do reserve the right to be fine art creative within our right of free expression guaranteed us all by the Constitution of the United States of America.

ArtFactory.com Craftsmanship vs. Mass Production Furniture

Most of the mass production designs (no matter the name brand) are just fast process, fake material, made to fit in a box, future yard-sale throwaways. They often hide behind a fancy name design or movie prop façade. In most cases, if we were to use these fake furniture, door and gate, etc. photos to redesign your order -- and were to copy every detail -- the end result when building with real solid materials, and using tried and tested master craftsmanship would result in the design change in most cases, would be enough as to not be a patent infringement but a return to the original master's work.

Note: We are not trying to "POO POO" temporary fast process furnishing. As long as you are fully aware of mass production companies' low quality (or no quality) furnishings, and they have not represented their products as high-quality designer furnishing, as compared to our handmade in America, fine art, investment quality furnishings and doors, we have no objection.

Our objection is in the deceitful representations of most of these inferior items and huge unnecessary margins of markup, made by brand name retailers and manufacturers that were once respected brands, who were expected to offer good American-made quality products. We also strongly object to some of these companies copying our original designs and patenting them, and having them made by foreign fast production manufacturers or copyrighting our original designs and then claiming we copied them.

It is our goal -- as it has always been in our family -- to build only items that have real long-term genuine value for each and every client no matter the size of the project. H.J. Nick's instruction to each and every employee is always to deliver the best product that can be built -- to world-class museum standards. All of our focus is on the best it can be made, without using fast processes or short cuts no matter if we lose money or we are on budget. This means we believe there is no one that can make a better product than we can produce at any cost. "We Guarantee It."

There is also a larger picture that affects us all with low-quality furniture that does not survive through multi-generations. This is the loss of quality family heirlooms and the genealogical ties of preserving family history and immortalizing one's family to generations past through furnishings. I say immortal in the sense there is something special -- or some say spiritual -- to be able to have in your possession something that your great-grandparents, for example, cherished. Especially if the item was one-of-a-kind, top quality, and handmade by a master craftsman for a special family occasion or person connected to your family history etc. in its day. No matter its antique value in your family, this kind of heirloom is priceless. Contrast this scenario to a mass produced fast process furnishing and you will see the rich history of American made furnishings deteriorate or disappear entirely in the coming generations.

ArtFactory.com - proven by our long standing reputation and family ethics - has never sold out to these fast profit methods and has suffered and stayed our course. The result is we have become the largest Handmade in America Company of our kind, exporting all around the world, supported by customers that appreciate high quality products and are willing to invest and wait through the labor intensive process. We still proudly say - "Buy American Made & Insure Your Financial Future." This has never been more important in our country as it is now to ensure our American work force has jobs and the craftsman arts are not lost because of other slick operators.

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