Pool Tables: Hand Carved Fine Art Billiards And Game Tables

Custom Game Room Tables Pool, Shuffleboard, Snooker, Carom, And More

All Designs Are Built To World Class Fine Art Standards, Certified, And Signed By H.J. Nick

In this section we show a very limited amount of our pool table designs. Many of our customers insist on exclusivity, and we are not allowed to show thousands of designs we have custom manufactured since 1913.

If you have a design you wish to have custom built, we will design to your request at no additional charge for the design. Simply send us your photo, or drawing of your Idea, and one of our professional designers will respond to help you. Call us at 1-800-292-0008 or email us at info4@artfactory.com

Handmade Custom Pool Tables And Game Tables

We can also custom match any billiards or pool table to any style of furniture. We also manufacturer top quality custom air hockey, shuffleboard, chess, and poker tables as well. Complete your game room motif with a custom handmade cue cabinet, or any of our top quality, hand forged billiard room lighting.

Our hand built, custom billiard tables are the highest quality available anywhere. These world class, investment quality pool tables are custom built using solid, natural, air-dried hardwoods. Furthermore, like all of our custom furnishings, our pool and game room tables are hand hewn, using mortise and tenon joinery. Most importantly, each table is built to fine art standards, under the supervision of world renowned design artist H. J. Nick.

About Man Cave Collectibles Restorations

While we are known for our furniture, we are also one of the leading authorities on restored collectible Americana. At ArtFactory.com, we have some of the finest examples of working, fully restored, vintage visible gas pumps in the world. We also do restorations on vending and soda machine, antique neon signs, slot machines, and collectible antique toys just to name a few. Bringing back memories of your life experience by fine art restorations of your vintage artifacts is our privilege. We always guarantee our work to your satisfaction or your money back, backed by over a century of experience.

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About ArtFactory.com

We are a custom wood door and furniture manufacturer that specializes in building custom solid wood doors the old fashioned way – by hand. Our wood is naturally air dried to create custom wood door designs that are guaranteed forever. Enhance the beauty of your interior or exterior with hand carved entryways built by master craftsmen and inspired by history. Additionally, we specialize in vintage man cave collectibles. Specifically, this includes restored vintage visible gas pumps, neon and porcelain signs, petroliana, restored working vending machines, and more.