Original Art or Limited Edition

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Order your custom designed furnishings, doors, gates, and furniture from Scottsdale Art Factory as an original work - handcrafted especially for you and your project - or order a limited edition or high quality reproduction item that resembles a furnishing decor inspired by an object d'art you admire.

Signature Fine Art Furnishings

Scottsdale Art Factory approaches its world class products beginning with the fine art signature of artist H. J. Nick. We also take inspiration from ideas created by our clients. Scottsdale Art Factory hand builds everything from simple home furnishings and fine custom Furniture, Cabinets, Doors, Gates, Lighting and Hand Forged hardware to unusual designs that are larger than life, such as artistic furnishings for major world corporations as well as private homes. Note: due to all product development being a part of our creative process - at no extra charge - all designs' patents and copyrights are retained by Scottsdale Art Factory, unless written agreements are signed prior to development of any particular customer furnished design. Customers who wish to retain the design and development rights may incurr a design development up-charge.

When we are commissioned for a project, no matter the size, our art department is given full freedom to produce a more inspired piece. In some instances, several in-house designers are given the same commission information in order to further the creative process. Each design is accepted or rejected through a juried process. When a design is accepted, it is built and the original is either yours, if you ordered an original work, or is offered as a signature piece to museums, galleries, and private collections worldwide.

Original Fine Art Furnishings

(O/A) Original Art - Original fine art works are always the best investment, even if the design is a famous piece such as an original Frank Lloyd Wright, Greene and Greene, or a Thomas Chippendale, our work is never a reproduction and it is always built in original craft to its original design and craftsmanship.

There is Nothing Better than Original Works

Original Works means:

  • the item produced is made from the best natural materials that can be found the world over - such as exotic old growth woods, grain matched woods, grain matched complete sets, hand forged metals, precious metals, finest cuts of stone, rare gemstones, or rare natural materials, etc.;
  • that no short cuts in time or in detail were taken in the production process;
  • it was made as good as any master craftsman worldwide could do it the first time, with no error or corrections;
  • one of a kind, made by our world class master craftsmen;
  • each year, as your investment furnishing grows older, it becomes more valuable because it can never be reproduced, or copied, or built at the current price again.

When You Possess an Original it is the Only One in The World
Original works also means it can not be made better or exactly the same by anyone. Original works means true pride of ownership, usually adding warm memories to family heirloom history. When this type of furnishing is built special for someone, or for a special occasion, the memories and history associated around such items can make them priceless as well as create true immortality. Simply stated, original works are the best, and they are the best value. All Scottsdale Art Factory originals are signed by H. J. Nick and are certified by invoice.

True Art Defines Our Society and Also Can Define Who We are as Individuals
It is a rare privilege to be able to be creative in a way that can individualize your dreams, accomplishments, or simply create your environment to fit your personality or lifestyle. With artist H. J. Nick and the Scottsdale Art Factory team you can do just that. You do not need to be creative to become a part of this process, you simply supply your ideas for the project you wish to create. Our imagineers will take it from there using our unlimited process.

Limited Edition Furnishings

(L/E) Limited Edition - A limited edition is a quality reproduction of an original art furnishing. A L/E is a less labor intensive reproduction of the artist's original work. It is produced through a combined effort between the original artist and a master craftsman or artist's assistant. Some L/E's incorporate the use of apprentice craftsman learning to become masters, this allows for a reduction in the cost of labor. All L/E's are produced under the strict supervision of our Scottsdale Art Factory art department. Each L/E is a close copy, with less detail, of the original door, gate, lighting fixture, furniture, art, or furnishing, and may be ordered in sizes other than the original.

A Limited Edition is designed to be produced at a lower price. These L/E items usually have less detail, thus reducing labor cost, such as less detailed carvings, or less design detail or hardware, etc. However, raw materials are equal in structural quality to the original piece, and are hand selected from our first and second selection new growth lumber - this lumber may have more distress anomalies than wood chosen for a O/A works. L/E's do appreciate in value, however, at a lesser rate of return than original works. The best way to understand this is in relation to the antique world. Originals are simply signed and dated, Limited Editions are sometimes also signed, numbered and dated depending upon the design, and the total number made usually determines the future antiquity value. For example: a Gustav Sticky furnishing, built around the late 1800s-early 1900s that was mass produced, sells today for a fraction of a Green and Green original furnishing, built around the same time, in the same manor (see Gamble House Pasadena, Ca.)

H. J. Nick is a third generation world renowned, accredited artist, whom has received many prestigious awards. Along with the history and reputation of Scottsdale Art Factory for its ultimate high quality furnishings, an H. J. Nick Limited Edition fine art creation has proven to be an increasingly valuable collectable work of art. Learn more about investment quality furnishings from our knowledgeable staff at 1-800-292-0008.