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Our Doors are Simple to Install

Custom designer doors from (SAF) are simple to install, and shown in the below steps and photo series.

  • New SAF pre-hung door install:
    Simply carry entire pre-hung door to opening, level all directions, bolt or screw in from back side of structural casing/jamb trim out to home.
  • Replacing existing door with new SAF pre-hung door:
    Remove existing casing. If you are re-trimming an existing door, pry off the existing casing carefully so you won't damage the wall or the door jamb. Simply carry entire pre-hung door to opening, level all directions, bolt or screw in from back side of structural casing/jamb trim out to home.

Tip: If a film of paint, or bead of caulk, bridges the joint between the casing and the wall, cut the seal with the point of a utility knife before attempting to pry the trim. This makes prying easier, and eliminates the chance that you will pull off some of the wall finish, or surface paper, when you pry the casing.

Eliminate the Work & Extra Expense When You Choose for Your Custom Door

Below is the typical steps you would need to perform when installing a door from most other manufacturers.

  • Mark the reveals: (Skip- with SAF pre-hung door)
    The inside edge of the casing is typically placed back from the inside edge of the jamb by about 3/16 inch. To mark this reveal, set the blade position in a combination square so it protrudes 3/16 inch and mark jambs at the top corners, the midpoint of the head jamb, and several points along the side jamb. To make the mark, position the body of the square against the face of the jamb with the blade extending over the edge and mark at the end of the blade.
  • Cut all miters: (Skip- with SAF pre-hung door)
    Measure the distance between your marks on the side jambs at the upper corners (frame opening plus 2 times the reveal) and miter-cut your head casing at 45 degrees on both ends so the short dimension equals your measurement. Cut miters on one end of each piece of side casing. Remember that one will be left-handed and one right handed.
  • Prime or stain: (Skip- with SAF pre-hung door)
    Before you install the casing: if you intend to paint, apply a primer, or if you plan a natural finish, apply a stain and first topcoat. Cover the sides and both faces to seal the wood and prevent warping. Pre-finishing is also easier than painting in place, especially if you don't intend to paint the walls when the installation is complete. If you stain before assembly, you also avoid the problem of stain not taking over any glue spots at the joints. Or order your pre-hung door completely pre finished.
  • Tack head casing: (Skip- with SAF pre-hung door)
    Lightly tack the head casing into the jamb so it just covers your pencil marks. If the casing is being installed on the exterior you must use weather-resistant fasteners, such as hot-dipped galvanized nails.
  • Cut and test-fit side casings: (Skip- with SAF pre-hung door)
    Stand the left side casing upside down next to the left jamb with its long side against the point of the head casing, and mark its desired length directly. Alternatively, measure from the floor to the top left-hand edge of the head casing and transfer that measurement to the casing. Square-cut at your mark and test the fit.
  • Make adjustments: (Skip- with SAF pre-hung door)
    If the miter does not meet without a gap, which can happen if the jamb is not square or if it sits slightly below or above the plane of the wall, the casing miter may need re-cutting.
  • Secure casing: (Skip- with SAF pre-hung door)
    Apply glue to the end of the side casing and position it so it fits tightly with the head casing (and don't worry about lining it up with the reveal marks on the rest of the jamb yet). Secure it to the jamb. Position the nail about 1 inch from the end and near the outside edge of the casing. Then secure the inside edge of the casing to the jamb. Once the miter is tight, continue nailing the rest of the casing. Work your way from the top down, nailing at five equally spaced positions. Repeat for the opposite side and then complete nailing the head casing at the two ends and midpoint.
  • Cross-nail miters: (Skip- with SAF pre-hung door)
    To prevent miters from opening, drive a 4d finishing nail through the edge of the head and side casings about 3/4 inch from the outside corner. This will lock them together.
  • Finishing touches: (Skip- with SAF pre-hung door)
    Wipe off any excess glue immediately with a damp cloth, drive all nail heads slightly below the surface with a nail set and hammer, and hand-sand as needed to make casings flush with each other and to eliminate any splinters. If you plan to paint, fill nail holes with wood putty or acrylic caulk first; if you will stain, fill them with colored wax putty sticks after you complete finishing.

Your Delivery Can Also Be Your Install

One of our customers, see the custom door installation photo series below, timed shipment so his contractor could meet his delivery truck, and the installation was simple and easy as shown.

When Installing a Pre-Hung Door Skip Steps 2 - 10

When you order a door, every item ordered comes installed by our factory master craftsman. If you order locks, hinges, door pulls or any other hardware it will already be installed on your new entrance system. Also your door will come completely custom finished to your specifications. The finish will be hand rubbed to heirloom furniture standards. All you need is the rough opening prepared and ready. Then perform step one.

What You Can Expect When You Order from

Designed in America and Built in America by the Hands of American Master Craftsmen, using only the finest natural materials - no paste boards or veneers or casted iron or faux materials.

You will receive an invoice written in plain English and terms you can understand - no confusing builder terminology. Even if your builder or designer places the order, we will keep you in the loop. Our invoices always include the entire agreement and satisfaction guarantee. Each invoice is designed to become our work order to be used during our production process. Nothing is left to chance.

Included in your price are detailed working drawings. These drawings are provided to your precise requirements, requiring your approval. Details will be shown, such as structural details, placement of art work for hand carving, or glass etching, as well as type of locks, sweeps, hinges, decorative hardware, or any other special requirements. This process will continue until you sign your approval of all the details provided.

Upon receiving your signed approved drawings your production begins. When we receive your signed approved drawings your production date begins. During your drawing time we have not been wasting time, as your order has been pre-milled and been final air drying ready for final sizing and assembly to the specifications on your signed and approved drawings.

During production of your order, nothing is left to chance. You will receive finish samples of wood or iron (based on your color choices for your approval), glass samples if your order requires specialty or decorative glass, and samples of any other materials depending upon your particular order requirements.

Satisfaction On Your Door or Your Money Back Guarantee

Written On Your Invoice: All invoices are non cancelable. However, all items are satisfaction guaranteed at point of delivery. If items are not as represented, customer may return on a per item basis at that time for a full refund and paid round trip freight cost. All items are full warranty and guarantee and all policies as written in's web catalog are in full effect.

Our Delivery Times are Guaranteed: If you have chosen and paid a premium for this option you will receive a written priority production date on your invoice. A priority production date means you have waived all discounts and paid a premium to receive your order F.O.B our dock on or before a specific time noted on your contract invoice. If we were to fail to perform by this guaranteed F.O.B. date, we pay your freight anywhere in the world.

This guarantee should not be confused with our approximate working days which are also shown on your invoice. This method keeps you informed as to when your order is expected to be ready for shipment, but is not a guarantee to a certain time F.O.B. our dock. Keep in mind we are always striving to meet these production dates, no matter which option you choose.

Replacing the old exterior door frame. If you do replace the frame, custom made pre-treated solid wood frames are being made at at our factory. Try to choose the door at the same time, or choose a frame to match the door you intend to use. Usually when you order a pre-hung door and jamb it would be grain matched and cut from the same tree. A good custom made frame properly installed will allow the door to fit perfectly and there should be no need for cutting sections off the door. When you order your door pre-hung it will come completely installed in the frame or jamb you order. Measure the existing brickwork opening dimensions. A custom frame can be made in the size you require. It is extremely important to set the frame squarely, and even when buying a ready made frame a small clearance is given to allow the frame to be set squarely in its position.

When you order a custom door or frame, it will be a pre-hung frame. Pre-hung doors are made with solid wood frames. In most cases you will need to remove the existing door frame from the rough opening before you install a pre-hung door. The door frame must be as square as possible, so that the door seals tightly to the jamb and swings properly. It is a good idea to use expanding foam caulking to seal the new door frame to the rough opening and threshold to prevent air from getting around the door seals and into the house. You should do this before adding the interior trim. Apply expanding foam carefully, especially with a wood frame, to avoid having the foam force the frame out of square.

Check the condition of the existing exterior door frame. The difference between an interior and exterior door frame is that both frames have a head (the top) but the exterior frame also has a sill (the bottom) and the exterior door is fitted between them both. If there are signs of rotting or if the sill is worn, the new door could be ruined without paying attention to its frame. If you are replacing the door with a natural wood finish door, does the frame suit the door you are going to fit in it? If the old paint has to be removed and the condition of the frame is not very good, it could be time to replace the framework. It is always better to order your door pre-hung. Ordering your door pre-hung will save you money and aggravation in the long run. structural pre-hung doors and frames are simple to install and are preferred by most builders and installers.

Installing the door casing: Casing, the trim around doors and windows, has a strong impact on the overall style, appearance, and proportion of an opening as well as the overall style of your home's interior. On the practical side, it conceals the gap between the door frame (called a jamb) and the rough opening and helps to hold the frame in the opening. Casing can be relatively plain, such as the popular clamshell design or square-edge design, or detailed such as Colonial-style molding. By far the most popular casing joint design is the mitered picture-frame casing. Our structural casing/ jamb will fit any wall 4" thick or bigger and does not require double two by fours or a header thus allowing for a taller and wider entry door.

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