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adjustable tension door latchadjustable tension door latch

Adjustable Tension Roller Style Door Latch – RDL1000

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Shown here, is a 3″ inch thick door edge with upper and lower adjustable tension roller style door latch. Scottsdale Art Factory has this special heavy duty adjustable pressure roller closers produced by one of the world’s top manufacturers, specifically for our solid wood doors. These rollers are built with the ability to fit doors that are 2″ – 12″ thick, without special adapters or breech in strength of hold. Each door, depending upon height and weight, must have one or more pressure adjustable closer and strike plate. This allows the door to click shut and hold when the dead bolt lock is not set in the locked position.

The photos below are designed to help you understand the function of each necessary piece of door/gate hardware in relation to its design elements.

Adjustable Tension Door Latch Roller Style

Shown below is an adjustable tension roller on a close-up photo of a raised grain finished 3″ inch thick door edge. The roller is mortised into the door edge and sealed. This allows it to be flush mounted and protected inside it’s own mortised pocket, and sealed from the elements.

Adjustable tension roller
Shown: Two mounting screws and two pressure adjustment screws.


Roller Door Hardware

Shown below is a close up photo of an adjustable tension roller door hardware latch and jamb mounted strike plate. The roller is mortised in to the door edge, as was shown in above photo. This jamb mounted strike plate is designed to be mortised in to the jamb side, directly in line with the door mounted roller, to accept the roller when door is closed. The ramp design allows for an easy door closure. The steel indentation accepts and seats the roller.

The exact position of this steel strike plate determines the tightness of how much pressure the door blade is allowed to press against the door seals. The more pressure you set on the springs, the harder it is to pull the door open. This seat also keeps the door set to it’s weather seals, against the rabbeted stop. Once adjusted properly, this ensures a perfect seal against the elements every time – one of the best ways to go green and save energy.

roller door hardware


Roller Catch

Shown below is a roller catch illustration. It is adjustable to allow for the amount of force needed to be applied when pulling or pushing this door open or shut. This usually would be adjusted according to weather conditions in your area, such as wind pressure, or if you wished a particular amount of force needed to be applied to allow comfortable use of your door. This type of locking system will never lock you out with out your key.

roller catch


Our High Quality Handcrafted Hardware

This door hardware should not be confused with ordinary hardware normally found on most production or semi-custom doors. The hardware from Scottsdale Art Factory has been specifically chosen to accommodate our ultimate custom doors and gates. Learn more about our custom doors.

Hardware Fully Installed and Finished

When you order a pre-hung door with hardware, etc., everything you order comes fully installed and finished. All working door hardware is patina color matched to your decorative hardware.

Contact one of our architectural engineers today to discuss your gate or door hardware, 1-800-292-0008.


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