Wood and Bronze Front Door Handles – HH243


Front Door Handles That Bring Inspiration to Any Home

A solid, classic style is just what you’ve been needing. Our Van Cleef Wood and Bronze Front Door Handles are hand crafted to capture an old world feel while offering a sleek design. Each vertical Custom Door Pull is finished with a heat patina so it will never rust – simply install your pulls on an interior or exterior door and admire the look and feel.

Custom Door Hardware Made in America

We believe in authentic, quality craftsmanship. We design and craft each pull by hand so you know you’ll receive a one-of-a-kind item from a real American factory. The natural patina finish is applied through heat, never painted, so your Custom Door Pulls will never tarnish and will last for generations.

Imagine owning door pulls you never need to replace. We only make products built for the long run, and our Front Door Handles are guaranteed to never break.

Why Use a Standard Knob When You Can Own Custom Door Hardware?

Choose any style and finish. All Hand Forged Door Hardware is made by hand with an anvil and hammer. Order your own hand forged Front Door Handles today. Call us now! 1-800-292-0008


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