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Stained Glass Craftsman Door: Design Inspired By Greene & Greene – 8429AC

An H.J. Nick Original Fine Art Design Inspired By Greene & Greene

Built In Original, Historically Correct Hand And Craft By Master Craftsmen In The USA


anatomy of a doorStained Glass Craftsman Door: Design Inspired By Greene & Greene

This beautiful, custom stained glass craftsman door is renowned artist H.J. Nick's modern interpretation of Greene & Greene's entrance door from The Gamble House in Pasadena, California. Built in original hand and craft, this is a unique, original work of art built by the hands of master craftsmen to stand the test of time.

In other words, this is not a reproduction quality knock off that has been mass produced or built with substandard materials. It is a fine art quality door built with the same all natural materials, and to the same quality standards that Greene & Greene would have used over a century ago. It is our steadfast belief that correct methods and materials are essential when creating a historically inspired piece.

Master Hand Craftsmanship Details

stained glass craftsman doorTo be more specific, this custom stained glass craftsman door is built with solid, full length, naturally air cured American timber. Like all of our wood products, it is hand hewn with mortise and tenon joinery for construction you can count on. Furthermore, all of the custom door hardware is hand forged from solid wrought iron by classically trained blacksmiths.

The stained glass is hand cut, and kiln fired by master artists. Finally, the wood is finished using a multi-step hand rubbed process that blends the finish into the grain of the wood. Put all of this together, and you have an investment quality entrance door that is of a quality that is unsurpassed anywhere at any price. Our products have been handmade in the USA by master craftsmen since 1913, and still are today. Call today at 1-800-292-0008 for a quote on a stained glass craftsman door, or any of our other fine our quality custom doos.

Greene & Greene And The Gamble House Historic Info

The Gamble House, Pasadena, California, by Charles and Henry Greene, 1908 (photo: 2005, after restoration)

The architectural firm of Greene and Greene was established in Pasadena in January 1894, eventually culminating with the designs of their "ultimate bungalows", such as the 1908 Gamble House in Pasadena, generally considered one of the finest examples of residential architecture in the United States.

Two other landmark ultimate bungalows were the Robert R. Blacker House in Pasadena and the Thorsen House. Such ultimate bungalows were completely custom affairs, where the vast majority of elements—light fixtures, furniture, even woven textiles—were created for specific spaces in the home.

custom aspen branch door pull on stained glass craftsman door

The stained glass craftsman door features our Greene & Greene inspired custom aspen branch door pull (HH0165)

More About The Signature Greene & Greene Style Made Famous By The Gamble House And Other Craftsman Houses And Bungalows

The structure of the Greene & Greene house is essential not only to the immense feeling of security that such an overly-supported structure brings, but also accentuates the importance of the Arts & Crafts fundamentals in the Greene & Greene style. The visual importance of the aesthetic nature of the joints, pegs, and complex wood-work symbolizes the structure of the house, and coincides with the principles taught in the Manual Training School of their youth. The structure of the house is externalized, or exploded, rather than hidden in decoration. Each element of the structure asserts itself. This extravagance of support takes its origins from the elaborate joinery and framing of traditional Japanese architecture.

Read More At: Greene & Greene On Wikipedia

Stained Glass Craftsman Door Info

  • Size - any size door, shape, structural jamb
  • Style - wood, design, hand carvings, decorative accents
  • Panels - windows, grills, door straps, inlays, clavos, sidelights
  • Glass - stained, thermal, energy efficient, decorative, protective
  • Hardware - hand forged wrought iron handles, latches, hinges, grills
  • Finishes - over 400 standard colors of hand applied stains and finishes or color match
  • Learn more about our custom doors is an American manufacturer of custom doors, door hardware, iron gates, and designer furniture based in Scottsdale, Arizona. Featuring designs by H.J. Nick, we have been designing and building some of the world's finest furnishings, all hand crafted in America, since 1913. Most of our clients want a furnishing that has a big WOW factor and timeless elegance. They all want investment value furnishings that make a proper statement reflecting their personality, or the personality of the environment for which the designer custom furnishings are intended. Our master level craftsmanship ensures your custom wrought iron gates and furnishings will stand the test of time, and are guaranteed forever, backed by over a century of fine craftsmanship.

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