palm tree theme custom doorpalm tree theme custom door

Palm Tree Custom Door Entrance with Sidelights, Transom – PTED67


We?re experts at creating unique custom entrances that bring out the beauty in your home. Let the tropics welcome you home with our Palm Tree Custom Door Entrance with Sidelights and Transom. With 3? thick solid cedar wood, a hand forged iron coconut palm tree overlay, and a nautical mooring cleat door pull, your custom entry door is sure to impress!

Sidelights and a Transom Compliment This Custom Wooden Door

Palm trees invoke images of a beautiful tropical paradise where the worries of everyday life slip away. Though they are most closely associated with the beach, palm trees serve an important role by providing food, wood, and oil to modern societies around the world. During Roman times, the palm branch was seen as a symbol of triumph and victory – Romans used it as a reward for champions and to celebrate military successes. For cultures that live in tropical regions where palm trees grow naturally, they are symbols of victory, peace, and fertility.

Enhance Your Home with a Custom Door Entrance

While the iron coconut palm tree adds an artistic flare to our door, classic sidelights and a transom bring the entire theme together. The hallway on the other side of your grand entrance will be bathed in sunlight. Our custom hardware, including the nautical door pull, is made with solid wrought iron and guaranteed to provide security and an appearance that will never rust. Made with old world techniques and crafted by master blacksmiths and woodworkers, you can own an heirloom quality custom door entrance that is guaranteed to last forever.

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