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Nautical Entry Door with Genuine Ships Working Portal – 5338CW


Nautical Exterior Custom Door with the The Genuine Antique Working Portal From The Salvage Of The WW2 War Ship USS Mispillion

A solid wood door is the first line of defense for your home. Why not secure your entrance with a door that can withstand any weather, without sacrificing style and design? We built our USS Mispillion Custom Entry Door in a harmonious nautical theme that preserves the peace of mind only solid wood can offer. Complete with an inspiring moor cleat door handle and port hole window, this door comes with the ultimate promise – guaranteed forever.

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Built with American Pride

USS Mispillions Oiler
USS Mispillion oiler refueling an aircraft carrier


This nautical theme solid wood entry door honors the naval history of the last WWII oiler. The USS Mispillion was commissioned in December of 1945 and remained in service of the United States Navy until 1994, working mainly in the Pacific Ocean. An oiler like the USS Mispillion was a supply ship, mostly performing refueling duties, but occasionally distributing food, supplies, and mail. The ship also participated in Korean War campaigns and the Vietnam War. At 67 years old, the USS Mispillion was sent to the scrap yard in March 2012 and had the longest working life of any Ashtabula-class oiler.

Entry Doors Custom Made When You Order – Never Manufactured

Our USS Mispillion Custom Entry Door is 4? thick with decorative diamond clavos and narrow sidelights that are complete with 1? thermal glass. Using a bronze working portal window, instead of a traditional speakeasy, this solid wood door captures an artistic nautical theme you and your family will love. The door handle is shaped to resemble a dock mooring cleat reminiscent of those used to anchor ships.

Own a front door that will provide satisfaction and a marvelous focal point for your home. We create our doors using the original craft, meaning no glue, no veneers, and no laminates – only solid wood, air dried, and joined using mortise and tenon.

Your hand crafted door is affordable and guaranteed forever – backed by over nine decades of our fine craftsmanship.

For an alternate version of this door, please see our Mispillion Exterior Custom Door with Porthole – 5336CW

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