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custom grand entry doorcustom grand entry door

Losse Chateau Grand Entrance, Entry Door Custom Made- DGEC65


An Entry Door Custom Made to Welcome You and Your Guests Home

A grand entrance solid wood door with decorative wrought iron and a frosted glass side light – own a door inspired by history and hand crafted to last a lifetime. Made with 100% wood, each wrought iron strap and custom door hardware is hand forged by real blacksmiths. Our process of building custom wooden doors means you will never worry about finding a replacement – each of our products is guaranteed forever.

Custom Front Doors Built to Hurricane Code with Little Maintenance

Ch?teau Losse Castle
Ch?teau Losse in France


We honor history by using the same techniques that built the great castles of the past. Our Losse Ch?teau Grand Entrance Custom Made Door is inspired by Ch?teau de Losse, a french historical site built as a medieval fortress in 1576.

The gardens at Ch?teau Losse


An Entry Door Custom Made from Start to Finish

With solid 4? thick wood and 1? thick glass, you can inspire your guests with a handmade door guaranteed to last forever. You?ve overcome difficulty in your life and worked hard for your accomplishments, and our designers and master woodworkers are proud to help you create a unique furnishing to feel proud of.

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