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Grand Entrance Door with Eyebrow Arch Glass Surround – 1384GP


Historic Grand Entrance Door with Eyebrow Arch Glass Surround Built As If It Was Removed From The Castle And Installed On Your Home. Built To Last Forever In America Since 1913

Eventhougth This Grand Entrance Door Ws inspired By This Historic Castle It Has Many Modern 21st Century Features That Will Make It A Pleasure To Use.

Add historical elegance to your home entryway with our Castell Conwy inspired Custom Door Entrance with a Semi Arched Surround. You?ll bring a renewed sense of grandeur to your place with a beautiful solid wood door and hand forged wrought iron custom door hardware.

Big Impression, More Light with a Semi Arched Surround Handcrafted Door

Conwy Castle by Turner
A painting of Conwy by J.M.W. Turner, 1880


We love the rich history of the Middle Ages and incorporate our inspiration into every custom door we craft. We can imagine our handcrafted door entrance on beautiful Conwy Castle, welcoming Kings and Queens to the north coast of Wales. Conwy?s rich history began in the 13th century when Edward I sought to create a new center city and commissioned the castle and town walls for a sum of 15,000 pounds (a huge amount at the time, equivalent to 17 million dollars today). Since completion in 1287, Conwy has been integral in several wars, withstanding sieges, hiding Kings, and serving as an area of influence during certain revolts.

After becoming nonfunctional in 1665, Conwy became inspiration for many painters, including J.M.W. Turner. Today, it is a world heritage site and listed as one of the best examples of late 13th century military architecture in Europe.

Our Custom Door Entrances Bring the Inventiveness of Conwy to Your Home

Your Handcrafted Exterior Door is finished by hand, in fine detail, to capture the ancient look characteristic of many Medieval Castles. The cedar cypress wood is 4? thick and guaranteed to last forever with very little maintenance. All custom wooden doors include self-closing adjustable tension hinges, an adjustable heavy-duty crush proof threshold, single cylinder deadbolt, an automatic mechanical door sweep, and roller style door latches.

Additional qualities of our historic Custom Door Entrances:

  • Built to twice the hurricane code worldwide
  • Hand forged wrought iron
  • Solid American cedar cypress from a renewable source and dried naturally
  • Hand hewn, mortise, and tenon joined (we never fast-process or glue and press)
  • 10 process, hand rubbed finish
  • Guaranteed forever and backed by over a century of fine craftsmanship since 1913

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