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Dutch style custom doorDutch style custom door

Dutch Custom Wood Door, 12 Pane Glass – DWFP300


If you own a colonial-style home, or need a unique and functional door for an entryway, our Dutch Custom Wood Door with 12 Pane Glass is double hung and provides security while increasing light and air flow. You?ll be thrilled when you add this custom door to your home – built in the original craft and guaranteed forever.

Old Colonial House
An old colonial house


A Custom Wood Door from 17th Century Design

The Dutch Door originated in the Netherlands during the 17th century. Before the invention of electricity, a dutch door served as a way to let air and light into the home while keeping children inside and animals out. When the European-American colonies were founded, most of the population lived on farms where animals roamed freely (barbed wire had yet to be invented). To keep farm animals out, while still being able to greet visitors, Dutch-style doors became a hot commodity. These doors persisted until the Industrial Revolution brought a new way of living.

Hand Forged Hardware Compliments Our Custom Wood Entry Door

Along with a solid wood, handmade door built to your needs, our hardware is expertly crafted using old world techniques and real blacksmithing. Our custom wood doors are resilient to all weather conditions (even hurricanes) and become stunning home additions our customers absolutely love.

With over nine decades of fine craftsmanship, let us build you the perfect Dutch Door! Call today: 1-800-292-0008


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