Custom Made Arch Door With Tri Arch DesignCustom Made Arch Door With Tri Arch Design

Custom Made Arch Door With Tri Arch Design -1345WI


Make Your Entrance A Castle Style Entrance

Taking inspiration from the architecture of Wartburg Castle, this arched door with sidelights displaying the marked curves and lines of and the wrought iron grill, resembles the sun and it’s warming rays. Using mortise tenon joinery construction reinstates your handmade door with extra strength. The iron grill also provides security to your home. With 1″ thermal glass, this custom wood entrance allows those warming rays to enter your home and light your entryway. With the addition of the hand forged wrought iron door pulls this arched top custom door reflects its origins and will turn your home into your castle. Each piece of our custom hardware is hand forged by our blacksmiths, and just like we guarantee our custom doors, we also ensure your custom door hardware will never erode.

Wartburg Castle
Wartburg Castle


History of Wartburg Castle

Inspired by the history of Wartburg Castle in Germany, H.J Nick created this entrance door of wrought iron, solid wood, and glass to bring a little history into your home. Wartburg Castle is best known for being the place where Martin Luther completed his translation of the bible while in hiding from the Holy Roman Emperor in the 16th century. The castle itself is a blend of medieval styles and is one of the best preserved medieval castles in Germany.


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