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Custom Exterior Door – Arched Top Crossbuck Panel – CBA765

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If you?re looking for a door with a distinguished personality, our Custom Exterior Door with Scotney Arched Top and Crossbuck Panel is the perfect fit! We use only 4 inch thick solid wood and the window is 1 inch thick thermal glass to provide security and protection from the weather.

Handcrafted Doors Inspired by History
Custom Built for Your Needs

Scotney Castle
Scotney Castle in England


Scotney Castle in Kent, England was built around 1378CE and sits on a small island on a lake. After changing hands a few times, it belonged to the Darrell family for 350 years, and passed to the National Trust in 1970. Besides being a popular place for Shakespearian plays, it was once known as a weekend escape for Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher who rented out a room for several years.

Scotney Castle Above View
Aerial View of Scotney Castle


Our Custom Exterior Doors Add Old World Appeal

Scotney served as inspiration for our custom made exterior door because we are committed to creating designs that move history forward and become family heirlooms that future generations can enjoy. We hand finish each custom door using a 10-step process and create custom door hardware in a variety of styles and finishes – the sky?s the limit! All of our included American door hardware includes an automatic door sweep, tension adjustable self closing hinges, and crush proof threshold.

Fully customizable, your hand crafted door is guaranteed to last forever – call today for a quote: 1-800-292-0008


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