Arched Entry Door With Iron Dragon KnockerArched Entry Door With Iron Dragon Knocker

Arched Entry Door With Iron Dragon Knocker – AED6364


Draw Inspiration from Simplicity

Hand Crafted Door with Exquisite Detail

The entry door to your home, or any important room, provides each visitor a story of your style and personality. The theme of this custom made door, the decorations and hand carvings, all capture a mood to evoke feelings that will prepare and welcome each guest. Our Arched Entry Door With Iron Dragon Knocker showcases the classic elegance of natural wood each part handmade and one of a kind.

Custom Doors With Traditional Elegance From Antiquity to Modern Age

Our classic arched entry door instills any living space with a humble nobility. All our wood is hand cut and the best in America, sanded, and stained using techniques from the “old craft” the way iron was forged and castles were built thousands of years ago. Many of those castles, like Windsor in Andria, Italy (built in the 13th century), have survived decade after decade because of the expert builders and workmen that brought them to life. Our Blacksmiths hand forge wrought iron, anvil hammer and patina finish, just like they did centuries ago that still stand today. Our custom hardware is guaranteed to last forever.

The optional iron dragon door knocker is known as a “Wyvern,” a type of dragon with only two feet often shown in heraldry and on family crests, like the one for John Churchill, 1st Duke of Marlborough. Each door knocker is unique, never from a cast, and can be customized any way you like.


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