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hand forged iron security doorhand forged iron security door

Arched Entry Door With Hand Forged Iron Security – ADG456


Hand Crafted Custom Solid Wood And Hand Forged Iron Full Arch Door Built To Last Forever

Custom Doors Handmade In America Inspired By 12th Century Romanian Fortified City

Sighisoara Fortress was built in the 12th century and was inhabited by various craftsmen. It was named a monument city by UNESCO and examples of 12th century and later architecture are found through the fortress and the entire city of Sighisoara. There used to be 14 towers around the city fortress named after each of the types of craftsmen in the city, but today only 9 still stand. One of those towers still standing is the blacksmiths’ tower. Throughout the fortress and the surrounding city there are many examples of these master craftsmen’s work and the blacksmiths’ work is shown in many wrought iron grills and decorative accents, such as what is seen on this custom door. This town of craftsmen inspired this glass, iron, and wood door.

arched door

Our master blacksmiths created this beautiful door grill ironwork and made it functional and easy for the homeowner by adding hinges so the ironwork can be swung out of the way for ease of cleaning the glass. They also contributed the hand forged iron door pulls and back plates. Our master craftsmen hand applied the stain on this solid wood door in a 10-step process to create the rich color. Bring home your own piece of art inspired by a city of 12th century master craftsmen, and order your door custom made by Scottsdale Art Factory.


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