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Arched Entrance Door with Secure Glass Grill – SED1900


Wood Entrance Doors – Custom Designs

With a beautiful round portal window you can capture an enduring aspect of Medieval times. Featured on churches and castles, a round window provides standout design for your interior or exterior door. Our Arched Wood Door with Iron Grill is accented with our signature studs and includes an iron bottom plate to enhance the aesthetic and protect against scuffs.

Circular Windows During Medieval Times

Circular windows or openings in buildings can be found as far back as the Roman empire when they were used to light interiors while maintaining architectural stability. The best known instance of a round opening in Roman times is at the top dome of the Partheon.

Round windows gained popularity during the Romanesque period, and continued on through the Middle Ages, through their use in churches, cathedrals, and castles. These round windows were often filled with stained glass to create beautiful colored patterns and to fill dim rooms with light during the day. A well-known castle, Richmond, in North Yorkshire, England, has one of the few remaining instances of circular castle windows, making it a testament to old world style. Richmond Castle was built in the late 11th century and has a relatively intact chapel complete with oval windows.

St. Nicholas Chapel
Circular windows near the altar, Richmond Castle


Custom Door with Full Arch Medieval Design & Hand Forged Iron Security Window Grill

Your beautiful arched wood door, with portal window, combines the best of both worlds – style and security. With a large, circular window, light will poor into your entry way and provide a unique frame for the outside world. The wrought iron grill provides security and a strong Medieval aesthetic. Built with 4? thick wood, our master craftsmen handmade this door with old world techniques (never manufactured) to last a lifetime.

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