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custom wine cellar doorscustom wine cellar doors

Wine Cellar Doors, Wooden Doors Custom Built – WCD4444


Authentic Wooden Doors Custom Built for Renown Mari Vineyards

If you?ve heard of the History Channel?s TV show Curse of Oak Island, you?ve probably heard of Mari Vineyards in Traverse City, MI. We recently had the honor of crafting wood wine cellar doors for Mari Vineyards? extensive underground caves, which store hundreds of aging wine barrels. Creating these 16 x 10 foot doors was no easy task. But we specialize in solid, fine art custom wooden doors in any size and style. For us, it was all in a day?s work!

Old World Techniques and Classic Design
A Custom Wood Door Manufacturer Dedicated to True Craftsmanship

Concord Grapes
Concord grapes


What makes our Custom Wooden Doors so appealing is our American craftsmanship and our commitment to using only old world techniques that guarantee your door will never break. Marty Lagina, star of Curse of Oak Island and owner of Mari Vineyards, wanted doors that were sturdy, classically designed, and built to last for generations. Our woodworkers started with timber dried on our own lots. The timber was then hand cut and joined together using mortise and tenon. Hand forged wrought iron was added to enhance the beauty and theme of the door. The result is a breathtaking custom entrance door that provides security for Mari Vineyards? aging wines and welcomes guests to the beauty and history of a genuine underground wine cellar.

History Built into Every Custom Entry Door

Tel Kabri Aerial
Tel Kabri Dig Site


Archaeological evidence shows that ancient people were making and drinking wine as early as 6000 BCE, before the written word was even developed. The oldest wine cellar was found in Israel in the ancient city of Tel Kabri. Not only did they find forty pottery jugs used to store wine, the remains showed that the Canaanites who lived during that time took a careful, craftsman-like approach to wine making.

Mari Vineyards was built from family traditions and from a desire to grow grapes not normally found in Michigan. Their flagship wine, Row 7, was a huge success. Today, Mari boasts 50 beautiful acres of vines.

Mari Vineyards
Mari Vineyards in Traverse City, MI


Solid wooden doors custom built to your traditions, style, and interests – that?s what you can expect with Scottsdale Art Factory. Our doors are also guaranteed forever so you?ll never need a replacement.

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