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Sun And Moon Hand Carved Custom Door – 1580HC


Custom Made Celestial Hand Carved Door

3? thick cedar wood Sun and moon hand carved door is one of our latest special editions to our custom made entry doors. Including side lights on both side of this celestial custom door, featuring 6 displayed 1/2? thermal glass panels, adds intrigument to this themed door. Our one way swirl handle hand forged by our master blacksmiths and transom sitting atop the hand made door with a clouded style, completes this dual Sun and Moon custom wood door.

Represent Your Home With A Symbolic Design Of Our Beautiful Sky

Both Sun and Moon display there light in the sky, each for 12 hours. While they share the sky they represent complete opposites, they compliment each other balancing the Night and Day. With the Sun?s diameter being 400 times larger then that of the Moon; due to the Moon?s close proximity, both orbs appear the same size in the sky that have caused Astronomers of all centuries to marvel at this ?strikingly odd? appearance.

Historical Meaning Of The Sun And Moon To Some Cultures

The Sun and Moon was understood in ancient China, as the doctrine of duality, Tai-Chi or Yin-Yang symbols, which both stand for the ?pairs of opposites? but also complimentary to each other. This teaching, is known as the third power in Japan to date.


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