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Siena Divided Panel Custom Wooden Door with Clavos – DDP222A


Inspired by the priceless beauty of Siena Cathedral in Italy, our Siena Divided Panel Custom Wooden Door blends the dependability of old world design with modern charm. Our solid wood door features natural rust clavos and S-shaped wrought iron door handles.

Add Grandeur to Your Home with a Siena Custom Made Wooden Door

Siena Cathedral
Siena Cathedral in Siena, Italy


Finished between 1215 and 1263, Siena Cathedral features some of the most breathtaking and fascinating art and architecture found in Italy. The facade is dedicated to the cardinal points (north, south, east, and west) and blends French Gothic, Tuscan Romanesque, and Classical architecture. Sculptures decorating the cathedral include those done by famous artists like Donatello, Bernini, and Michelangelo. Inside, the ornate black and white inlaid marble floor is among the most impressive features, along with the hexagonal dome where visitors can see Bernini’s gilded lantern, reminiscent of a golden sun.

Siena Cathedral Interior
Siena Cathedral Interior


The two side doors of the cathedral, what our custom wooden door drew inspired from, were made in a repeating pattern of squares, diamonds, and clavos. The repeated pattern creates an empowering image and compliments the bold architecture.

Siena Cathedral Door
Siena Cathedral North Door


You?ll Marvel at the Beauty of Your Solid Wood Door with Clavos

Your door will be made from 4? thick solid wood, hand crafted by our master woodworkers. The door handles and clavos are solid wrought iron that is hand forged by our real blacksmiths using old world techniques. We design each of our custom wooden doors to be a cherished part of your home and something you can feel proud to display.

For a square variation of this door, see our Siena Square Frame Divided Panel Custom Door Entrance – DDP222

Let?s get started on your Siena Divided Panel Custom Wooden Door with Clavos. Give us a call today! 1-800-292-0008


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