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hand carved solid wood doorhand carved solid wood door

Hand Carved Lion Entrance Door With Wrought Iron – 251HC


Accentuate Your Home With This Intricately Hand Carved Custom Door

Art is happy to help customers in any corner of the world. This door was made for a family in Bucharest, Romania who wanted to replace their front and back doors. Even though we are half a world away in America, this customer chose us to create the perfect handcrafted work of art for their home. They wanted this lion themed door that would stand out and fit in with their surrounding area. The lion head and scroll work was intricately hand carved by our master craftsmen.

Our blacksmiths hand forge the wrought iron accents, including the decorative hinge straps on the exterior side of the door, along with the door knocker and twisted grape vine motif to further enhance the Euro style. These designs give the custom door an elegance that a city once known as, ?Little Paris? deserves. Our custom hardware is heated to 1000 degrees, anvil hammered, and hand patina finished which guarantees your door hardware to never corrode.

This custom made door also can be made with an arch, see 251HCA, which inspired H.J Nick to design the same original style door but with a straight top.

Our Doors Are Always Custom Made Just For You And Never Mass Produced


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