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Grand Entrance – Hand Forged Wrought Iron Tree – GR2405


Grand Entrance Castle Door With Hand Forged Wrought Iron Tree

Sometimes you see something that is almost right, but not quite what you want. Custom builders like ArtFactory.com understand and will work with you to make your item perfect. This door is a result of customer and designer collaboration. The customer saw a door they almost liked and contacted us to see if we could make the changes they were hoping for. They worked with our designer until we created what they were looking for, a hand forged wrought iron tree on a castle style door with sidelights with textured glass.

Our master blacksmiths hand forged the wrought iron into the stylized tree and forged the extending pieces for the sidelights so they would match and give the illusion of the tree growing through into the sidelights. Each leaf is hand textured and then all the iron is finished with our special patina process, making it practically maintenance free. To finish the door, the customer chose a simple pull with a lock plate in the same patina finish as the tree trunk. The result is nothing short of stunning. To start work on your own stunning entrance door, call us and speak to one of our designers today.

See the original door that was the inspiration here.


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