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Grand Entrance Door With Sidelights And Transom – 3206AT


Exterior Door With Sidelights That Will Last Forever

Made of 4? solid cedar cypress giving your door the ultimate security along with tasteful style. Our exterior door is designed with a functional speak easy that contributes to the old would style. Sidelights that create a distinguished style to this custom made door. Above is placed an solid iron grill over the window. All hardware, like our C scroll door handle and door grill is hand forged wrought iron made from our master blacksmiths. All of our handmade wooden doors are hand hewn, mortise, tenon pegged and dowell joinery, meaning your custom door will last forever.

Proudly Made In America Since 1913

The first known Lord of Cand? was Mac? de Laray, in 1313. Franois Brionnet, the mayor of Tours and state treasurer, purchased the fief in 1499 and built a Renaissance house on the site of the old fortress. He died before the building was finished, and it was completed by his daughter, Jeanne, in 1508. Several owners succeeded to the estate, but none brought major transformations to the castle. According to terms of a sale contract dated 28 June 1715 between Georges-Franois de Gu?nand.


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