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Door With Fortress Security Solid Wood Door/Sidelight – DFD900


Entrance Door With Sidelight, Thick Solid Wood Door With Full Pane Sidelight Built In America To Last Forever

A entrance Door With A Simple But Big Statement. Custom Grand Entrances Hand Crafted In America using tried and tested old world techniques (never fast-process or glue and pressed materials). Our custom entry doors are guaranteed to last forever.

Custom door entrance with full pane 1″ thick security glass sidelight . You?ll bring a renewed sense of full security to your home with our custom thick solid cedar cypress grand entry door, hand made just for you and to your specifications. 1? thermal glass sidelight panel adds extra security and just the right amount of lighting to your home.

Our Fine Art Custom Door Entrances Set The Tone And Speak Volumes

Your Handcrafted Exterior Door is finished by hand, in fine detail, to capture the characteristic of many old world doors. Adding hand forged decorative clavos and door pull, hand forged by our master blacksmiths. Anvil hammered and hand patina finished allows for your custom hardware tools last forever.

All our custom doors include self-closing adjustable tension hinges, an adjustable heavy-duty crush proof threshold, single cylinder deadbolt, an automatic mechanical door sweep, and roller style door latches.


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