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Door Entrance Garage Entrance Door Fine ArtDoor Entrance Garage Entrance Door Fine Art

Door Entrance – Garage Entrance Door Fine Art – 3237HC


Hand Carved Classic Cars For Your Man Cave

Auto collectors and hot rodders rejoice because we have the door for you! A celebration of classic cars would be the perfect door to your garage or man cave. Our carvers have outdone themselves with the heavy carving and fine detail in each of these classics. You can see the grillwork, the tire treads, the paint flames, and the company names or plates on each car. The first is a 1930s Ford Model A closed cab pickup, the second is the car that represents the 50s the 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air, and the last car in this trifecta is a 1918 Dodge Brothers T Bucket. If the beautiful carving work wasn?t enough, our master craftsmen used colored finishes to make these vintage beauties pop! The ?57 Chevy is in Chevrolet?s distinctive orange and the T Bucket?s flames leap off the car.

Imagine showcasing your favorite machines in your home. We can turn your ideas and car choices into your perfect garage door. Choose classics, current, luxury, or modified, our talented group of master craftsmen can recreate any vehicle, carved in detail and in full color, so that you can display your love of the automobile.

Door As Shown: Solid exotic cedar cypress wood door, 3-inch thick wood hand hewn with mortise and tenon construction, full length natural air dried timber. Decorative hand carving by master carvers with hand applied colored finish. Structural jamb 3-inch thick with 1-inch rabbeted stop on pre-hung door. Hand forged wrought iron door pulls. All custom doors include adjustable heavy duty crush proof threshold, self-closing adjustable tension hinges, automatic mechanical door sweep, single cylinder deadbolt, and roller style door latches.


Historic Reference and Design Inspiration


Ford 1930s Model A Closed Cab Pickup – Henry Ford may be best remembered for the Model T, also known as the Tin Lizzie, but the Model A was Ford?s second great success. Everyone was excited to see what would be next from Ford and he did not disappoint. He did a few different body styles and one was this closed cab pickup, which was available in seven different colors. He upgraded the brakes and the engine, getting this up to 60 mph. These trucks are difficult to find restored to the original, but they have a strong following of collectors.

Chevrolet 1957 Bel Air – One of the most popular classics of all time, when the 1957 Bel Air was originally released it wasn?t as popular as Chevy had hoped. It became one of the most popular used cars in the 60s and 70s and was a favorite among drag racers because of its lighter weight compared to newer cars. The 1957 Chevy?s had to have a restriction in NASCAR racing until the 1970s because with the addition of the V-8 engine, they consistently won every race. Now as a collector?s item, these cars increase in value every year.

1918 Dodge Brothers T Bucket – John & Horace Dodge learned the art of machining by learning at their father?s machine shop. The started a bicycle plant first then, after selling that company, started working in the auto business making engines for other automotive companies and then exclusively for Ford making not just engines, but all the mechanical components for the Model T. After fighting with Henry Ford for years over costs, they decided to make their own car and quickly became the second largest automaker. Hot Rod enthusiasts love to take these early cars and modify them into stellar show and racing pieces. Though Dodge Brothers T Buckets are rare, there are those who have taken it upon themselves to combine the Dodge and Ford classics into fantastic pieces of running, working art.


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