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Dark Wood Arched Handmade Door with Sidelights – EAD732


Give your home the distinct look you crave – our dark wood handmade door is the perfect blend of modern rustic with old-world style. The solid wood panels are complete with two sidelights to let more light into your entryway. We know you’ll love this custom wooden door, so we’re happy to offer the ultimate promise – guaranteed forever.

Built to Withstand Any Weather
Solid Wood Doors Crafted in America

What sets this custom entry door apart is the unique curve at the top and the slim sidelights that balance the design. We source wood from our own lots and let it air dry to preserve the natural oils. This means your handmade door will never crack and will be a source of pride every time it welcomes you home.

Handmade Doors Inspired by the Craftsmen of the Past

Chillon Castle


Chillon Castle is among the most visited castles in Switzerland thanks to its beautiful location on Lake Geneva and its superior design. Built in the 12th century, the castle has served as a summer house, a prison, and a weapons depot. Today it is a popular destination for tourists around the world.

When you choose one of our exterior or interior doors, you?re adding to the quality of your home. The door of your residence is an opportunity to showcase your style and enhance your theme. Sidelights, arched panels, and dark wood are beautiful customizations you can cherish for generations.

All our handmade doors are guaranteed to last forever. Give us a call today to start building the door of your dreams 1-800-292-0008


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