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Arched Castello Custom Exterior Door, Original Craft – 1389CED


The word ?castello? is an Italian term that refers to the mansion or castle of a lord or ruler that is fortified against attack. We created our Arched Castello Door with Speakeasy in original craft to capture the feel of a fortified structure while adapting it for modern appeal. Beautiful warm 4″ thick solid cedar cypress planks are accented with our signature hand forged clavos. Our custom wood door also features a working speakeasy, or door portal, as a unique way to greet guests and capture that ?old-world? feel.

An Arched Fortified Custom Exterior Door Inspired from Castello della Manta

Castello della Manta
Castello della Manta in Italy


We create many of our custom exterior door designs as inspiration from important historical locations or buildings, and Castello della Manta is one castle that inspired us with its sturdy construction and classic design. Built in the 12th and 13th centuries, it was adapted and changed by the Saluzzo della Manta family to be a medieval castle complex that mixed styles from different eras. Today, the castle is famous for the Gothic frescoes circling the entire baronial hall, which feature nine heroes and nine heroines from ancient stories. The figures are adorned with precious garments and are each a shining example of the ideals of virtue and heroism.

Hand Built Custom Exterior Wood Doors

You can add a touch of the medieval flare of Castello della Manta to your own home with one of our custom, hand built arched doors. When you received one of our works of art, you?ll feel proud knowing that it will only beautify with age. We stand by our work and give it the best guarantee around: built to last forever.

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