Spanish Gothic Copper ChandelierSpanish Gothic Copper Chandelier

Spanish Gothic Copper Chandelier: Design Inspired By Pere Compte – LC0913

This Fine Art Quality Chandelier Is Available With Either A Smooth Or Hand Hammered Copper Texture And Your Choice Of Patina Finish

All Of Our Custom Lighting Fixtures Can Be Custom Made To Fit Any Size Room Or Area

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Spanish Gothic Copper Chandelier: Design Inspired By Pere Compte

Spanish Gothic Copper ChandelierAt we specialize in building fine art quality products inspired by historic designs, and built in original craft and materials. This Spanish Gothic copper chandelier was inspired by the design of the chandeliers from the "Hall of Columns" at Llotja de la Seda in Valencia, Spain. The architect Pere Compte designed and built this part of the building from 1483-1498, and it is considered to be an exception example of the late gothic style. Award winning artist H.J. Nick of travels the world visiting historic architectural sites in search of inspirations for his latest designs. Studying this architecture up close and personal allows him to create designs that are not only historically correct based on period and design, but are also built using the correct techniques and materials that were used to create the originals.

When we make historically inspired products, these are not reproduction quality items, but are original works of fine art built to world class specifications. In fact, no product from is ever cast, drop forged, built from a mold, or mass produced. All of our solid, genuine copper and pure wrought iron lighting is hand forged by the hands of master blacksmiths. This makes of a one-of-a-kind, work of art that is uniquely yours and will never be exactly reproduced. Hand forged construction, and pure, top quality metals ensure that your product will not only look beautiful today, but for generations to come with little or no maintenance. All of our custom lighting fixtures, including lamps, sconces, and chandeliers are wired to exceed all electrical code and safety requirements worldwide.

Spanish Gothic Copper Chandelier Historic Inspirations: Lonja de la Seda

Spanish Gothic chandelier

The Hall of Columns taken by Tobias

The silk market, Lonja de la Seda, in Valencia, Spain inspired this chandelier. Construction on the market was started in 1483. Even prior to the building of the Lonja de la Seda, this area was a center for commerce with tradesmen and merchants meeting here to barter and trade. As the momentum of the city grew, they needed a new exchange to better fit their needs. When this was built, it was mainly a silk exchange, hence the name.

It was built as a shrine to commerce in general, and a frieze runs around the entire Contract Hall room, in part stating, “Fellow countrymen, see how kind trade can be, when there is no fraudulency in words, when promises are made to ones fellow men and not broken, when money is not given with usury.” The building is considered to be one of the best representations of Gothic secular architecture in the Mediterranean and was made a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1996.

Read More At: Lonja de la Seda on Wikipedia

Spanish Gothic Copper ChandelierAvailable With Smooth Or Hand Hammered Texture

We can make your Spanish Gothic copper chandelier design in smooth or hammered copper. The inner structure of the chandelier is built with hand forged wrought iron for added strength and durability. When we say copper and wrought iron, we mean "The Real McCoy", our products are never made with faux or filler metals.

Like all of our custom, hand forged lighting, this chandelier is advance patinated using our proprietary, iron oxide, hand applied patina. This patina is bonded to the metal at over 1000 degrees Fahrenheit to create long lasting color that will require little or no maintenance. You can choose from a copper patina, black, or any other of the hundreds of choices that we offer.

Like all of our products, this Spanish Gothic copper chandelier is fully customizable and can be built in any size to accommodate your room or area. Add more lights or reduce the number of lights, the creation of your perfect lighting is in your hands. Call us today at 1-800-292-0008 to speak with one of our designers who will help you create the custom chandelier of your dreams. At we build the highest quality custom lighting fixtures available anywhere at any price. With unlimited customizations options, our ability to design and build is limited only by your imagination.

Spanish Gothic Copper Chandelier Info

  • Size - custom size, shape, number of lights
  • Style - iron, design, shape, decorative accents
  • Finishes - variety of hand applied patina finishes
  • Metal - iron, brass, copper, or precious metals available in all styles
  • Glass - decorative, frosted, clear
  • Learn more about our custom lighting designs

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