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wood door with strap hingeswood door with strap hinges

Seville Arched Solid Wood Door With Strap Hinges – CAD910


A Custom Entrance Door Based on Gothic Design

We’ve specialized in the world’s finest American made custom wooden doors since 1913. Built from 3? thick solid cedar cypress, our Seville arched solid wood door is designed for your specific needs. This custom entrance door features a large arched top panel, along with wrought iron hardware that is hand forged by our master blacksmiths. Our expert craftsmen ensure that the style you seek is what you’ll receive, and we guarantee our arched wood doors to last forever.

History Built into Every One of Our Arched Wooden Doors

Seville Cathedral in Spain


Our Seville arched solid wood door with strap hinges carries the rich history of the pointed arch that revolutionized architecture during its time. The beautiful gothic arch can be seen on many cathedrals, including Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Sea (better known as Seville Cathedral) in Spain. Built around the 16th century, it is the largest cathedral in the world.

Transform Your Home with a Custom Entrance Door

Your 3? thick solid wood door is hand crafted with old world style. The custom door handles are solid wrought iron, hand forged with a heat patina that will never erode or corrode. The large, lavish strap hinges and custom door hardware bring authentic historic design right to your front door. Our goal is to capture the nobility of the past and the fine craftsmanship used to build the historic landmarks that stood the test of time.

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