Romanesque Inspired Castle Entry Door with Speakeasy – HC9539


We believe drawing inspiration from classic design will bring grandeur to any residence.

Romanesque Inspired Castle Entry Door With Speakeasy Viewer

After the fall of the Roman Empire, monasticism began to expand in the 10th and 11th centuries, resulting in a new style of architecture characterized by semicircular arches for doors and windows, barrel vaults, and massive piers and walls. To accommodate larger structures, windows were kept to a minimum. Castle Acre Priory in Norfolk is one of the best preserved and largest monastic sites in England and serves as an example of the semicircular arch and decorations our expert designers used as inspiration for our Romanesque Inspired Castle Entry Door.

Castle Acre Priory housed the first Cluniac order of monks in England and accommodated 20 to 30 inhabitants. Built with an eye for decoration and flourish, it was commissioned by William de Warenne II and his wife Gundrada. The nave of the church is one of the oldest remaining parts. Additions were added until the priory was dissolved in 1537.

Beautifully Hand Carved Door With a Secure Speakeasy Viewer

Greet your guests through the speakeasy or accept packages using this custom entry door without compromising the safety of your home. The inside of the speakeasy closes with a bolt lock and is sealed tight to keep out moisture and air.

An homage to Romanesque style and the monasteries of the 11th century, this beautifully crafted entry door is carved by hand, the same way Castle Acre Priory was built thousands of years ago.


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