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Log Cabin Grand Entrance Doors – 4341HCB


Hand Carved Log Cabin Entrance Doors

Your cabin in the woods is your home away from home. You want to make it something beautiful; a place you want to retreat to when the daily grind becomes overwhelming. You want it to be inviting. With detailed hand carving and wrought iron accents, these doors would be a perfect addition to your cabin. Hand carved by our master carvers, these doors display a tree with a calm horned owl surveying his domain while a squirrel works under the tree to prepare for winter. Our master carvers did finely detailed carving on the tree, owl, and squirrel giving this door great depth and texture. This customer chose to have the wrought iron chateau style branch door pulls with just a touch of green on the leaves and a green leaf lock plate to complete the outdoor theme of the door.

This door is not only beautiful it is also very sturdy and functional. The doors themselves are 3″ thick and 1″ thick thermal glass is used to help prevent thermal leaks. A mechanical sweep is at the bottom of the door to create a secure seal against the elements. So bring a bit of nature indoors with this set of gorgeous wood and glass entrance doors.


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