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Handmade Wooden Door – Arched Three Panel Segovia – APD656


Now You Can Own a Custom Entryway Door Inspired by History

Arched doors are a classic design element of medieval architecture and our Arched Segovia Three Panel Handmade Wooden Door is inspired by the castles of the past – with a contemporary twist. Three panels add balance and enhance the solid wood grain while small flourishes on the hand forged wrought iron door pulls create a hint of whimsy. You?ll marvel at the simple beauty of your new Segovia Custom Entryway Door.

An Elegant Handmade Wooden Door from the Historic Record

Alcazar of Segovia
Alcázar of Segovia in Spain


We were inspired by the bold, distinct look of Castle Segovia (Alc&aacutelzar of Segovia) in Spain, so we built a handmade wooden door to reflect its rich history, which dates all the way back to the 12th century. Segovia began as a fort that may have once been used in Roman times. When King Alfonso VIII and his wife, Eleanor, took it over in 1155, they started building the location into the castle we know today. It remained a favorite residence of many monarchs throughout the Middle Ages and even served as a refuge for Queen Isabella I. The majestic pointed spires were added by King Philip II in the 1500s. Today, Castle Segovia is a landmark open to the public.

Segovia Armory Room
The Armory Room


Own the Solid Wood Custom Entryway Door of Your Dreams

We stand by our work and give it the best guarantee around: built to last forever. With real blacksmiths and woodworkers, quality craftsmanship, and classic design, your handmade wooden door is sure to become a family heirloom enjoyed by many generations to come.

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