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Hand Crafted Door Inspired by Chateau de Cande – HC9539A


We felt inspired by Romanesque style and the architecture of Château de Candé in France – so much so that we created a hand crafted door with unique sidelights so we could carry that inspiration forward. Our solid wood exterior door is 3? to 4? thick and crafted from only the best American Cedar Cypress. You can own a door with phenomenal classic design – perfect for your remarkable home.

Our Hand Crafted Doors Stand the Test of Time
Just Like Château de Candé

Chateau de Cande was built between 1499 and 1508 on the site of an old fortress. What makes this castle remarkable isn?t the age, but the transformation it underwent during modern times. In 1921, Charles and Fern Bedaux purchased the castle and then underwent substantial work to remodel the interior to include all modern conveniences like plumbing, electricity, and heating. Not all ancient castles have undergone (or survived) such work, and Ch?teau de Cand? is an example of how preserving old world aesthetic, by bringing it forward into today?s era, can create a lasting legacy.

Château de Candé in France


Solid Wood Doors Made When You Order – Never Manufactured

We create our handcrafted custom doors using original craft, meaning no glue, no veneers, and no laminates – only solid wood, air dried, and joined using mortise and tenon construction. The same way castles preserve the relics of the past, we preserve techniques passed on for generations and use those skills to create truly one-of-a-kind doors that become works of art. Your hand crafted door is affordable and guaranteed forever – backed by over nine decades of our fine craftsmanship.

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