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custom hand carved double doorscustom hand carved double doors

Hand Carved Double Doors Customer Design – DK251


Custom Doors With Hand Carved Designs Doors Designed To Last Forever

Scottsdale Art Factory is thrilled to help customers in any corner of the world. This door was made for a family in Bucharest, Romania who wanted to replace their front and back doors. Even though we are half a world away in America, this customer chose us to create the perfect handcrafted work of art: a lion themed door that would stand out yet would also fit in with the surrounding styles. The lion head and scrollwork are intricately carved and beautiful hand forged wrought iron accents, including the decorative hinge straps on the exterior side of the door, give the door an elegance that a city once known as ?Little Paris? deserves.

This solid wood door, inspired by 16th-century European royalty, was hand carved by our master craftsmen with lion and European motifs. The 4″ thick solid wood door features beautiful relief carvings in the door and custom door panels. The door handle, hinges, and door knocker are custom designed and hand forged from solid 3/4″ thick wrought iron by our master blacksmiths. The door handle features a twisted grape vine motif to further enhance the Euro style custom door. All hardware and wood door finishes are hand rubbed by our craftsmen at Scottsdale Art Factory to protect the surface of these high quality materials, and to ensure a beautiful heirloom quality finish. Our custom wood doors include an adjustable roller style door latch closure, heavy duty hinges, a mechanical door sweep, and all weather seals.

History Of Bucharest And Our Inspiration For These Custom Made Doors

Bucharest is a city that has survived multiple rulers, natural disasters, and wars. The earliest written mention of the city was in 1459 in a document from Vlad Tepes III, better known as Vlad the Impaler. However, architectural findings show the city is older than that and that people have been settled in the area since the Roman Empire or earlier. Due to the occupations in two world wars and then Communist rule after the Second World War, most of the historical architecture was destroyed. There has been a long period of rebuilding and restoration after the Romanian Revolution of 1989 and there are some beautiful buildings and artwork in Bucharest today. Scottsdale Art Factory is proud to contribute to the beauty of this historic European city.


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