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hand carved cedar doorhand carved cedar door

Hand Carved Door With Sidelights – 9040HC


Proudly Made In America Since 1913

Made of thick solid cedar wood, hand carved with intricate rope design along the inside with solid wood moulding that creates depth in the unique design. Beautiful sidelights on either side of the custom made door allows in the perfect amount of natural light with the 1? tempered glass panels and UV rated. Clavos adding to the decorative western design topped with S scroll made from solid wrought iron all hand forged by our master blacksmiths, the old day cross is handmade as well and not an appliqu?. Built mortis and tenon pegged and dowel construction in the same way as the original and like all our handmade doors, we guarantee to last forever.

Adding Custom Hand Carved Design To Your New Custom Door

H.J Nick wanted to add Sidelights for a modern look to this western themed door, just as in the wild west days solid wood was commonly used for doors on saloons, homes, lodgings and theaters. Same as that time in history and well before that period, everything was hand made by craftsmen and blacksmiths. Designing the tried and tested, old world way, in which we carry on here. Everything that comes out of our American factory is made exactly how historical craftsmen designed as well.


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