hand carved western style doorhand carved western style door

Hand Carved Door Western Horse & Eagle Design – 3206HC


Custom Hand Carved Door – A Hand Scalloped Background with Eagle & Horse Scene

Just because you choose a simple carving design doesn’t mean the door will be flat. There are a variety of ways you can add to your custom door without having to add additional carvings. One way is by choosing unique hardware, such as the steamer trunk buckle used on this door. You can choose from hundreds of different door pull styles or work with one of our designers to create your own.

Another way is by choosing a textured door, where we hand carve texture into the wood where there is no carving design. This will add more depth to your custom door and make the entire door more interesting. We can add texture to any door style. In this hand carved custom door, the main picture is a wild horse running across the open plain with a bald eagle flying high above him. The horse and eagle are meant to be the center focus of the door, but because of the setting of this image, there is a lot of empty space. Instead of cluttering the image by adding more items, which could take away from the focus of the picture, the customer opted for a textured background, adding more interest without adding more items. If you feel your design needs a little more ‘oomph’, consider adding texture to your handcrafted custom door from ArtFactory.com.

A master hand carved door for your cabin or home allows you to make a first impression that will last forever. Let our art department design to your dreams a scene of your choice at no extra charge for custom design work. All of our doors are handcrafted in America in our factory in Scottsdale, AZ from the highest quality natural materials. Our hand carved doors are custom handcrafted for each client by our talented master level wood workers for luxury and artistry at ArtFactory.com. Order your dream grand entrance door custom designed for your residential or commercial property, and make a first impression that reflects your personality and accomplishments. ArtFactory.com offers only the finest signature artistic doors and entrances, individually created by our expert craftsmen, wood carvers, and metal smiths; with no limitations on size, design, thickness or finish. We hand make interior and exterior doors in any style, size, and finish – limited only by your imagination. All our doors are built to twice hurricane code worldwide and are virtually maintenance free. Contact us to discuss your designer hand carved door ideas at 1-800-292-0008.

Hand Carved Custom Doors by ArtFactory.com

Custom Hand Carved Door – As shown – Exotic Cedar Cypress
Solid wood exterior door, 3-inch thick wood hand hewn with mortise and tenon construction, full length natural air dried timber. Decorative custom Door Pull HH256B made by master blacksmiths using hand forged wrought iron with a patina finish (no drop forged casted copies, no powder coatings or faux paint). Structural jamb 3-inch thick with 1-inch rabbeted stop on pre-hung exterior door with all weather package. All custom doors include adjustable heavy duty crush proof threshold, self-closing adjustable tension hinges, automatic mechanical door sweep, single cylinder deadbolt, and roller style door latches.


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