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owl theme carved wood doorowl theme carved wood door

Hand Carved American Owl & Glass Entry Door – BOCD444


Symbol Of Wisdom Hand Carved On Your Custom Wood Glass Door

We specialize in creating one-of-a-kind entrances to bring your own unique vision into reality. Our Symbol Of Wisdom Hand Carved On Your Custom Wood & Glass Door began as a idea provided by one of our clients. Using their concept as a foundation, H.J Nick designed this creative hand carved door, our master craftsmen intricately hand carved the American Owl and tree branches it rests on. Made from 4? solid cedar cypress and 1? thermal glass you can own part of nature on your own custom entry door.

We Will Proudly Hand Carve Your Custom Entry Door To Your Exact Desire For Your Home

Owls are solitary and nocturnal creatures that are found everywhere on earth except Antarctica. The Greeks viewed them as bringers of knowledge, and Athena, Goddess of wisdom, was often shown with an owl by her side. To the Native Americans, owls had strong ties to the supernatural and were viewed as guards against sorcery and other evils.

Common Barn Owl
Common Barn Owl


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