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Fortified Medieval Raised Grain Wood GatesFortified Medieval Raised Grain Wood Gates

Fortified Medieval Raised Grain Wood Gates – ARG5678


Custom Built Gates

Our Fortified Medieval Raised Grain Wood Gates provide privacy and a strong presence. Just like castle defense, our gates are built to last and one-of-a-kind, man-made works of art.

Built to Last with Raised Grain Planks and Wrought Iron Support
The Perfect Way to Add Medieval Style to Your Residence

Gates were an important element for any castle because they protected the weakest points – openings in the castle walls. To allow villagers and traders to come and go freely, walls needed to have entrances. To protect those vulnerable openings during times of attacks, heavy gates were created to prevent enemies from breaking in. Wood was often placed vertically and horizontally and then reinforced with iron panels and bolts.

Solid Wood Entrance Gates

Imagine the skill needed to build Harlech Castle back in 1289 – a project that took years to finish by hand. Made with local stone in a concentric design, its massive gatehouse was protected by three portcullises and two impressive doors. Harlech Castle is considered to be one of the best examples of 13th century military architecture, and is still standing today on part of Harlech Dome in Wales.

13th Century Aesthetics and Old World Craftsmanship During Modern Times

Harlech Castle
Harlech Castle in Harlech, Wales


We can envision our custom built wood entrance gates on Harlech Castle ready to withstand the toughest attacks. Your guests will marvel at the natural wood grain of each gate and the lifetime-guaranteed wrought iron. And, as always, we can customize any detail to your liking.


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