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Estate Security Gates Hand Crafted In AmericaEstate Security Gates Hand Crafted In America

Estate Security Gates Hand Crafted In America – EG8400


Heavy Wrought Iron And Thick Structural Solid Wood Custom Security Gates Built To Last Forever

Our Solid Hand Forged Wrought Iron and Solid 4″ Thick Solid Cedar Cypress Wood Gate, built for the highest security, adds elegance and old world charm to any driveway or entrance. Our extremely sturdy entrance gate is made to withstand the elements so your investment will continue to beautify with age for years to come.

Warm Cedar Cypress And Hand Forged Wrought Iron That Makes This Gate Virtually Maintenance Free In Any Climate Or Exposure.

Used extensively in the middle ages, sturdy wrought iron presents a strong presence and is one of the most durable metals around. Kings and Lords depended on it to reinforce everything from doors and gates to weapons and armor. We modeled the decorative wrought iron bars of our gate after the portcullis’ used to safeguard the entrances of mighty fortresses, like those of Edinburgh Castle in Scotland. Withstanding more than 26 sieges in its 1100 year active history, Edinburgh Castle is known as one of the most attacked places in the world. The builders depended on sturdy stone and solid wrought iron to keep the castle standing.

Edinburgh Castle Portcullis and Sign
Edinburgh Castle Portcullis with Crest
Edinburgh Castle Portcullis


Your Entrance Gate Provides Security and Will Enhance Your Property

To add a classic, modern aesthetic, we created a wood frame with panels to complement the ironwork. Strap hinges on both sides provide strength and further add to the old world charm. Our hinges are designed to hold hundreds of pounds so your gate remains secure even during extreme weather. Our beautiful patina finishes are hand applied using a special patented process where oxides are bonded into the metal at over 1000 degrees, which means absolutely no rusting. This permanent finish will continue to beautify with age, meaning there is little to no upkeep. We design our gates so you can install them and simply enjoy their security and style.

Our warm cedar wood and wrought iron gate will add value to your property and provide a strong source of pride. Returning home through your gate and then feeling secure from knowing your driveway or entrance is protected in the most elegant way possible – that’s a wonderful feeling.


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